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The Crocus Sativus
It is thanks to the Crocus Sativus that we can use saffron at all. After all, it is the Crocus Sativus from which the saffron threads are extracted. This plant is, however, a hybrid. This is due to the fact that this plant has a third set of chromosomes and therefore has to be multiplied by individual division of the tubers. The Crocus Sativus is a very rare species of crocus, which was originally only very weakly spread, but is now cultivated in many places.
Saffron is rightly one of the most expensive spices in the world and has truly earned its nickname as a spice gold. If even top chefs are almost tearing around this spice, then it must be something very special. When buying saffron yarn, however, it should be really good and very careful to ensure that it is the real saffron and not counterfeit. Conclusion: Saffron is really a very valuable and versatile condiment that also has been proven to be healing powers.

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crocus sativus

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