The ingredients of Tea tree oil
The fact that Tea tree oil works very efficiently against fungi, viruses and bacteria is scientifically proven. Numerous studies such as the study, from the year 2015 in collaboration with various clinics from Perth, Australia. It shows that acne can be significantly alleviated by using tea tree oil.

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However, not only acne can be alleviated with the tea tree oil. People with acne, flu or herpes can also benefit from the important and healing ingredients and effectively fight against it. Even with lice, mites, ticks and fleas, tea tree oil can be an important helper.

This is due to the approximately 100 contained substances and compounds of tea tree oil. The following substances are included in Tea tree oil:
Lime, P-Cymen
Pinen, Myrtle, Phellandrene
Terpinolen and Terpineol
Pinen (approx. 20%)
Pinen-4-ol (approx. 40%)

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Since the high content of Pinen, Terpineol and Terpinolen is almost 80 percent, the antibacterial effect of tea tree oil is about 10 to 12 times stronger than eucalyptus. These anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, wound healing and fungal-killing ingredients therefore have a particularly good effect on improving skin health and can significantly alleviate inflammation.