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Wheat grass – highly concentrated vitamins and minerals
60 times more Vitamin C than oranges, 11 times more calcium and 30 times more vitamin B1 than raw milk, 5 times more iron, 50 times more vitamin E than spinach and 5 times more magnesium than bananas: wheat germs at the age of seven to ten days, commonly called wheat grass, provide so many vital substances that their healing and preventive effects have long since awakened the attention of naturopaths and alternative medical practitioners. The scientific name for wheat grass is Tricitum aestivum.

Like many other well-known cereals, wheat is one of the grasses that has had its significance as a medicinal and home remedy since ancient times. The leaves and stalks are fibrous wheat grass and are not optimally exploitable for humans, therefore they are pressed into juice or processed into extract.

As a nutritional supplement, wheat grass juice offers some surprises, because it is full of highly concentrated vitamins, enzymes, trace elements and minerals. Among other things, he is told that he gets the teeth healthy, regulates blood pressure and cholesterol levels and can improve digestion, acts against exhaustion, ulcers and skin problems, prevents a greying of the hair and binds toxins in the intestines. It is proven that wheat grass is gluten-free, has strong deacidified and contains many antioxidants.

 studies of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, the largest and oldest private research center in the U.S., suggest that wheat grass juice helps prevent serious side effects in chemotherapy against cancer.

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The founder of the Optimum Health Institute in the USA, Dr. Ann Wigmore, refreshed wheat grass juice into the center of the Living-food program she developed, which she was able to use to cure even cancers.

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what is wheatgrass

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