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where to buy ceylon cinnamon
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Ceylon cinnamon should always be stored dry and dark. However, care must be taken, especially when it is older and already longer in the cupboard, how intense the aroma is when opening the pack. A weak aroma and a slightly bitter taste show that the Ceylon cinnamon should no longer be used. However, if the aroma is still strong, the cinnamon sticks can be used without any problems, even if they are older.

Buy Ceylon Cinnamon
Anyone who wants to buy Ceylon cinnamon has it usually quite easy when cinnamon sticks are purchased. Especially the Ceylon cinnamon is almost always labelled. In the case of cinnamon powder, however, it cannot be determined which cinnamon was used. When buying Ceylon Cinnamon, it is recommended that you always resort to cinnamon sticks so that you can be on the safe side.

Ceylon Cinnamon is always preferable to the Cassia cinnamon. On the one, because Cassia cinnamon contains a high proportion of Kumarin and, on the other, because Ceylon cinnamon is much healthier and thus also has a better effect on blood glucose and cholesterol levels.
However, Ceylon Cinnamon can also help with weight reduction, as it significantly boosts fat burning, thus consuming more energy and tumbleing the pounds.
Cinnamon has long been no longer just a spice for the Christmas kitchen. Cinnamon can be found in numerous dosage forms such as powder, capsules or even ethereal Zimtöle. However, the powder cannot be determined whether Ceylon cinnamon or cassia cinnamon was used for this purpose. The labeling for Ceylon cinnamon is usually always found on the packaging, making it easy to acquire the healthier Zimtsorte.

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where to buy ceylon cinnamon

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