Do you want to build muscles and burn fats at the same time? Surely, you can focus on fat loss and muscle gain. Let some experts admit the possibility of a small muscle growth when you reset the masses, we should deal with them in turn because it is inherently contradictory processes.

These processes involved in law enforcement training is called “the mass” (a set of muscle and fat, as when typing, muscles need excess calories) and “drying” (when the fat is burned but unfortunately, the athletes, together with some muscular volume).

You can gain muscle without fat weight but it’s almost impossible as well as to get rid of fat, not getting rid of the part of the muscle volume. These processes are performed by athletes in phases and each phase usually takes on 2-6 months.

Muscle growth
During severe physical exertion, people hurts their muscles and roughly speaking, muscle fibres are formed which restores the body. Along the way, increasing muscle size.

The building material for the restoration of these gaps are proteins, to be exact — amino acids from which proteins are made up.

Assistants in promoting muscle growth and recovery are hormones: testosterone, insulin, somatotropin (Growth Hormone – GH).

In theory, if the body has exactly the amount of protein and other food nutrients required for the synthesis of hormones and it was balanced exactly by the number of calories and carbs; Muscle growth can be almost with no growth of adipose tissue.

In other words, it is possible to grow dry muscle mass. However, in practice, this number is impossible to pick accurately and if something will be missed as muscles will not grow as if total (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins and calories) will be in abundance.

Roughly speaking, if you eat fewer calorie that you need, no matter how you try to grow your muscles in gym (Gym-muscles), as far as food has the proteins, fats, carbohydrates and calories are accurately enough, your training is guaranteed to provide muscle growth.

In General, in the reviews of NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) tutorial to increase muscle mass, people consumed 350-700 kcal per day (K Raimers, 2008).

Fats Burning
For fats burning requires a calorie deficit. Fat burning mechanism is described in detail in the text of “Why can’t I remove fat locally. If you just say, for burning fat requires fat deficit balance: you have to spend more energy than to get it with food.

In this case, the body signals the production of hormones that give fat cells command on lipolysis. Split fat enters the bloodstream and can be used by the body to restore energy balance or go back to the fat cells. However, fat loss and muscle tissue will inevitably “Burn”.

Because the caloric deficit in muscle fibers decrease, It turns out, muscle usually accumulate along with fat and burn fat together with muscles.

For muscle growth and fat reset at the same time? However, there are opinions that, under certain conditions, it is possible to burn fat and build muscle at the same time.

The truth is, with a mass of reservations and scientific basis for this hypothesis.

President of the Association of fitness professionals in Germany, Dmitri Kalashnikov in his blog, writes that under certain conditions, it is possible to burn fat and to also grow muscle.

It is especially good for untrained young under 23 years of age. To this end, it recommends that the minimum calorie deficit (consume fewer calories than you spend, approximately 10%) consume enough protein.

However, the president stipulates that it is not always and, drawing on his experience as only with beginners. However, there is another study although it does not still hold waters, because the premise is very weak.

For the arguments you use local muscle reaction results in training, assuming that systemic effect would be the same.

But … To stimulate growth for all muscles of the body can not be, other than systemic local factors that were needed (they are basic) which are allocated only as a result of external load (this is confirmed by research).

Unloaded, the muscles in the face of energy deficit will decrease. As a result of the workout, muscle glycogen will inevitably be depleted, which means the energy deficit in the cells are triggered “molecular switch”, i.e. one or a group of signaling proteins and cell adapts to the oxidizing abilities.

Hypertrophy in this case (there are studies about it). If this does not help, Kalashnikov recommends the use of the old good proven periodization: cycle-“on the mass cycle-” for drying. Only need to follow the mass, “there are no more 30% fats and” on drying as on the contrary, not to lose the more 30% muscle.