Does Phone Radiation affect Baby in Womb? Find out

disadvantages of using mobile phone during pregnancy

Every day, we use electric devices to boil water, heat food, dry our hair, and iron our clothes. Nowadays, it’s impossible to imagine our lives without electronics. However, there are some disadvantages alongside the benefits. Our devices emit radiation that worries pregnant women and wonder if phone radiation can affect babies in the womb or … Read more

Genital Melanosis and Melanoma Symptoms and Treatment

Genital melanosis vs melanoma

Melanosis vs. Melanoma Melanosis is a skin condition of abnormal or excessive accumulation of pigment in the skin. Genital melanosis is just when this condition occurs in the genital area of a male or female, usually around the vulva and the upper part of the penis. Genital melanosis can be noncancerous or cancerous (malignant), however, … Read more

German natural herbs health benefits

Schöllkrippen Herb has been known for many centuries and has already been mentioned by Maria Treben in her herbal books. Many also know it among the Gold-brim, the Eyewash, the wart herb or the herb and in the herbal books is often the speech of Hergott gnade, God’s gift, Marienkur or Dawn leaf. The numerous … Read more

Amino acid L-arginine Supplement for Muscle Building, Where to buy, Dosage & How to use

L-arginine is a form of amino acid that help bodybuilding, it’s appreciated among sports men because athletes are not able to produce enough L-arginine in their body due to stress and some energy demanding activities and therefore need to find a better alternative of enriching the body with adequate L-arginine through protein rich foods. Also, L-arginine … Read more

Osteopathy Treatment Advantages and Disadvantages

Benefits of osteopathy treatment

What is Osteopathic Medicine? Osteopathy is a kind of holistic and manual medicine that deals with the prevention, detection, and treatment of musculoskeletal ailments, and the problems of the circulatory system by moving, stretching, or massaging the muscles, bones, and joints. Osteopathic medicine is a complementary medical approach to recognizing and treating functional disorders in … Read more

Long term Side Effects of Tooth Extraction (Exodontics)

Side effects of dental extraction

Tooth decay is a common reason for tooth loss and extraction. While the pain can be minimal if you lose any of your teeth naturally, tooth extraction can cause problems. If you lose your tooth by an accident, there can be damage to your gum and nerves, and the trigeminal nerves can cause a serious … Read more

Are there Benefits of Vegan Diet? Reasons to Go Vegan

Some trends come and go, but one that doesn’t seem to be losing its momentum is the growth of the vegan diet. In fact, Medical News Today reports that plant-based meat and dairy markets are expected to increase significantly by 2030. The diet’s main appeal is its unique characteristic of being completely plant-based and free of … Read more

Umbilical Hernia in Babies: Symptoms and Treatment

How to prevent umbilical hernia in babies

Every mom wants a healthy baby and when abnormalities occur in babies, it’s always a course of concern. It is irritating when a bump forms around a newborn’s navel for no apparent reason. While this is harmless in most cases, the condition is known as umbilical hernia, and you should know how to deal with … Read more