Jerusalem artichoke, also known as earth apple, sunroot or sunchoke is a root vegetable.

The tuber has been found to not just serving as energy giving food but also medicinal and helpful against numerous ailments.

The Jerusalem artichoke tuber is the most medicinal part of the vegetable as it can help reducing free radicals and inflammation in your eyes and brain in a natural way.

If you’d like to prevent or decrease inflammation in your body, Jerusalem artichoke tuber is one of the foods that kill free radicals and relieve you from other diseases.


Jerusalem artichoke for weight loss

The Weight Management Market is very huge and profitable especially in America.

There are millions of people who want to shed some pounds without any side effects.

Jerusalem artichoke tuber is a low fat food to lose weight. It has virtually no fat content and high in inulin and oligofructose.

It’s a great weight loss friendly food to burn extra calories naturally at home.

Also, after taking sunroot, you quickly become full and the feeling of satiety is sustainable for a long time.

Therefore, it can help stopping binge eating which can easily contribute to overweight.

If you’re searching for the tricks to stop overeating at night or anytime, incorporate sunroot in your diet.


Jerusalem artichoke for digestive problem

Another benefits of sunchoke is the high content of fiber which helps in easing digestion, especially if you’re having constipation.

The tuber which is rich in prebiotic fibre helps in restoring your gut flora after taking antibiotics that harm the healthy gut bacteria.

Moreso, it curb sugar cravings. The benefits have long been known to medical professionals and is also used by them when patients want to get rid of bad gut bacteria and maintain the good ones naturally.


Jerusalem artichoke in helpful in diabetes

Jerusalem artichoke, which is also known as diabetic potato because the tuber resembles small potato and can be used as addition to medicinal insulin.

The glycemic value of the Jerusalem artichoke tuber is 2, which means that it is good for diabetics.

Also, it has a lot of inulin fiber which can be used to maintain and control the sugar level in the body system.

It is not digested until it gets to the large intestine where gut bacteria would act on it.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that you should discuss with your physician before you start taking the food for sugar control so that your medication can be readjusted.


Jerusalem artichokes for the acid-base balance

The acid-base balance is not balanced in people that take too much protein, especially meat, milk and eggs.

The acid-base unbalanced can also be triggered by much stress and thus, affect the immune system negatively, making it less infective in fighting infectious diseases.

To balance the redox reaction, you can take just 50 grams of Jerusalem artichoke per day. This not only balances the acid-base balance but also strengthens the immune system.


Jerusalem artichoke for low cholesterol level

High cholesterol level has been linked to diabetes, heart attack, stroke and even arteriosclerosis.

That is the reason your cholesterol level should be be controlled, bad cholesterol should be avoided and lowered in the body while good cholesterol should be taken to keep the body healthy and protect it against these diseases and so many other diseases.

It has been proven that Jerusalem artichoke has high content of fiber as well as polyphenols which help in controlling the cholesterol level and it has been proved effective in reducing cholesterol without medication or supplement.

Coupled with some exercises, you can lower your cholesterol quickly from home and naturally without any side effects, just by taking natural foods like earth apple, Oats, Nuts, Barley, Ghee, Eggplant, coconut and others.


Jerusalem artichoke for people with celiac disease

Jerusalem artichoke (JA) can also help to reverse gluten intolerance because the tuber is gluten-free.

Gluten intolerance is common among those who can not consume certain foods, otherwise they have major gastrointestinal problems.

However, untreated celiac disease can also lead to some other problems like neuropathy, weight loss, ataxias, irritability, depression, anemia, dental enamel defects, arthritis, and even epilepsy.

In addition, gluten intolerance is much likely a result of nutrients deficiency because the patient can not consume numerous foods and so the body is deficient in adequate vitamins and nutrients.

Jerusalem artichoke is also used to relieve patients from fever and pain, as salicylic acid is similar to aspirin.

Don’t forget JA is anti-inflammatory as well as antimicrobial and can thus help the digestive system, strengthen the immune system and fight against infectious diseases.

Especially for those who have a weak immune system, who also always have gastrointestinal problems, can take sunroof regularly to improve the system and the intestinal flora, which also means that flatulence have no chance.