Use of rosemary as a cure
Although Rosemary is mainly known as spice, there are many other areas of application for this plant. Rosemary has an unmistakable spicy smell, and rosemary can be used as a perfume. Today, Rosemary is still found in some perfumes and cosmetics.

For example in Cologne water, Rosemary is still used as a perfume. But also because of the smell the rosemary emanates, this plant can be used very well as a natural remedy against pests in the garden. Here the plant itself can be planted between vegetables, but one can also produce a broth which acts as a natural pesticide.

Rosemary is also a very effective remedy against various diseases and ailments. You can use Rosemary in the fresh but also in the dried state. Those who grow rosemary themselves in the garden can immediately crush the fresh leaves and pour in hot water and make a tea. Rosemary can also be ordered in shops and dried here online.

You can also find ready-made teas online here. These mainly help with diseases such as:
Gastric and intestinal problems
Liver Pain
For detoxification and purification

Rosemary, which is brewed as broth, can also be applied without further externally. The best way to treat the affected skin areas directly with the broth is to dabbing the broth with a cotton ball on the skin. You can also give the broth to the bathing water.

Good in the bath water is also the rosemary oil. The external application of rosemary is recommended for skin diseases. But also acne, inflammation and wounds can be treated with rosemary. Rosemary has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which make it recommended for use in these areas.

Rosemary and rosemary oil are also used in various cosmetic products. There are some products you can order online, such as creams and soaps, but also mouth water and toothpaste. If you wish, you can also use fresh or dried rosemary to make your own cosmetics. Here you should note however the Rosemary should not be used in large quantities.

This is also the case for the ingestion or consumption of rosemary. Large amounts of rosemary can be uncomfortable and even cause cramps. Therefore, you should stick to the recommended quantities. In small quantities, the use of rosemary is harmless and even health-promoting.

Rosemary oil is mainly used externally. It smells beneficial and is therefore recommended as a massage oil. It can also be mixed and enriched with other healthy oils.

There are many other fields of application of rosemary, which you can find here online. From the kitchen is rosemary but also certainly not away to think. Especially Mediterranean dishes often include this spice. If you want to try Rosemary, you will find some great recipes online here. Among other things, this spice can be used for the preparation of meat and poultry recipes.

But also rice and potato and pasta can be refined with the rosemary spice.

Scientific studies
In order to understand which ingredients and active substances are found in rosemary and what effect this plant has, one should definitely look at the scientific studies online here. There are some very interesting studies on rosemary, however, most of the studies here are available online in the English language.

However, there are also a few studies that come from the German-speaking area. Also interesting are medical articles on the topic of rosemary as a natural and alternative remedy. Anyone doing a little research here online will find a lot of important information on this topic.

An article which should be read through in any case, was published here online by the Carstens Foundation and deals with the effect of rosemary on the brain. Alzheimer’s and dementia are widespread, and scientists are still looking for the exact triggers and alternative remedies that can prevent the onset of these diseases, or at least slow down and relieve the course of illness.

Therefore, Rosemary was also examined for its effect on memory. In the article of the Carstens Foundation, for example, a study was conducted in which Rosemary was prescribed to older patients. Rosemary was administered here in the form of a powder.

The patients were given different amounts of powder. Also a Placeboprodukt was administered to a group of patients. Patients have been observed and tested over a period of time to see whether Rosemary has an effect on the brain and especially on the memory.

The study concludes that small amounts of rosemary are helpful and strengthens the brain’s performance. This is for large quantities of rosemary but not the case. It was found that large amounts have exactly the opposite effect. Therefore, it is possible to conclude that Rosemary should only be taken in small quantities. However, taking advantage of this is the regular use.

Online there are a few more studies dealing with the subject of rosemary and its effect on the brain. Also a study conducted at the University of Laurel, Maryland. This study examined a group of 28 patients, all of whom had reached an age of approximately 75 years. The rosemary extract was given to the patients in quantities from 750 mg to 6000 mg.

A Placeboprodukt was given to a group of subjects to compare the results. This study also shows that Rosemary has a positive effect on the functions of the brain and thus also on the memory.
Some studies online also deal with the effects of rosemary in cancer. Here, Rosemary was investigated both as a prevention against the formation of tumors and in the fight against active tumors.

It is very interesting that Rosemary can be successfully used in a variety of cancers. A study that is very interesting here comes from America. She was executed at the University of Illinois, Chicago. Here, the effect of rosemary in prostate cancer was investigated.

This study deals first with the ingredients of rosemary and with the substances which are particularly effective in cancer. This study cites studies carried out on mice, as well as men aged over 50 years. Further studies were also carried out to test whether the consumption of rosemary could prevent the formation of tumors.

The scientists came to the conclusion that Rosemary can not only be taken preventively against cancer, but can also be used as an alternative to chemotherapy. However, research is still not at the end, and scientists note that this topic should be explored even further, although the results of this study highlight the potential of Rosemary as a cure for cancer.

Further scientific studies of Rosemary as a cure for cancer can be found here online of course. Other studies also deal with Rosemary as a cure for various diseases. Some studies examine the antibacterial properties of rosemary or the effect of the antioxidants in this plant. Scientists have repeatedly pointed out that the regular ingestion of rosemary in small quantities has many health benefits.

Of course, one can also draw his own conclusions from the studies. In addition to the studies, experience reports are also interesting, which are published here online again and again. These testimonials come from consumers who have already tried Rosemary as a cure. These testimonials give further information about the use of this spice plant and also tips for processing in the kitchen.

Rosemary is a tasty spice, which can be used to prepare meat and poultry dishes. But potatoes and rice can also be refined with this spice. Besides the use in the kitchen, Rosemary is also valuable as a cure. As the modern scientific studies have proven, there are good reasons for the use of Rosemary as a remedy.

Rosemary can be poured as tea, but you can also produce tinctures from Rosemary which can be applied externally. Teas with the extract of Rosemary can of course also be bought in reform houses, pharmacies. You can also order them online here. You can also order the rosemary oil Online here, which is good for the external application, for example as massage oils. The rosemary oil has a very pleasant odor.

Fresh rosemary also smells spicy and is therefore often used as a perfume. In the garden, Rosemary can be used as a means against pests.
Rosemary and the rosemary oil produced from it are versatile. Rosemary can be used as a cure for various diseases and ailments.

However, care should be taken not to consume too large quantities of this herbal remedy. Small quantities are sufficient and significantly more effective than large quantities. In small quantities, rosemary can give relief to digestive problems, cough and pain. In Alzheimer’s and other dementias, the application is recommended and even cancer sufferers can be treated with this herbal remedy.