Natural disasters are a great threat to economic and community development and it’s very imperative to have the knowledge of preventing it and damage control when they eventually happen.


We’re now in the hurricane season and there are several predictions of the possibility of experiencing it in Florida, especially in Pensacola and some other places in US and other countries prominent to this storm.


Atlantic hurricane season started on June first this year and it’s gonna end on November 30th while in eastern Pacific ocean, hurricane began on May 15th and will end by the end of November as well.


Also, Tornado which is a serious threat in places like Missouri, Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Kansas, Alabama, Oklahoma etc is a subject of concern this year.


As part of “tornado alley”, a section of the United States where tornadoes are most common, the state of Oklahoma averages among the states with the highest number of tornadoes in the past 25 years.


The typical tornado season lasts from March to August. On average, there are about 56 tornadoes per season in this state, with nearly half of those occurring in the month of May.

There are several economic effects of tornadoes as it cause significant wind, water and flood damage which can destroy buildings.


Since it affect both humans, land, and water sources, it usually has great impact, with short term effects on business activities and possibly a long term effects if the damages are much.


Therefore, It is important for residents to be aware of what kinds of damage to expect, and how your home or business can be restored in the wake of a tornado.


Wind Damage


When a tornado develops, the rotating storm systems create strong and heavy winds.

In Oklahoma in 2017, nearly all of the tornadoes were EF0 or EF1, meaning wind speeds of up to 110 mph, with a handful rating EF2 due to wind speeds up to 135 mph.

Sometimes, the tornadoes can be as much as EF 3, EF 4 and even EF 5 and the wind speed of up to 300mph.


Regardless of speed, the winds in any tornado can be incredibly destructive. They can blow the roof off of a house, shatter windows in office buildings, or throw cars and other objects and debris into any building in the tornado’s path.


Rain Damage

Along with heavy and rotating winds, most tornadoes are accompanied by thunderstorms and a significant amount of rain that can cause water damage.

These heavy rains can cause flash flooding, which can damage homes that are may not even be in the path of the tornado.

Additionally, rain damage can occur by precipitation falling into houses or buildings that have sustained wind damage.


Hail Damage

Thunderstorms that accompany tornadoes can also bring severe hail storm to the area. While hail will not cause damage as significant as the heavy winds, it can cause destruction to houses and buildings both in and out of the path of the tornado.

There may be broken windows and dented walls or floors due to hail damage that are in need of repair when the storm moves out.


However, If you’re wondering if hail means a tornado is coming, it’s definitely not as it can occur without a tornado but it’s an important sign to notice.


Hazards After the Storm


After the tornado and accompanying storms have passed through the area, you will want to evacuate if you are still inside of a building that has sustained damage.

If possible, it is extremely important to immediately turn off any gas, electricity or water to a to prevent injury and further disrepair.

Otherwise, it is not safe to remain inside a building that has sustained tornado damage due to potential broken glass, hazardous debris, or other unstable structures.


Restoration and Repair

If your home or business has sustained hail, wind or flood damage due to a tornado, you will want to bring in a restoration expert to help you repair the building.

They will assess the destruction caused by the storm and board up any broken windows and holes in the roof to prevent further rain and water damage.

They will then be able to clean up the debris and begin to repair areas damaged by water and wind.


With the long tornado season and high frequency of occurrence in the state of Oklahoma, you may find yourself in the destructive path of one of these storms.

A restoration service can help you dig your way out of the debris caused by tornado damage and put your house or business back together again.


Home improvement projects are one of America’s favorite pasttimes, but storm season can turn homes and businesses inside out.

Reset Restoration in Tulsa, Oklahoma wants everyone to be prepared and know the dangers.