Water is a very important nutrient in the body but not only good in the body system, but it’s also good to the body and the essentials of water can not be overemphasized.

Several studies have suggested that the most beneficial exercise is swimming as all parts of the body are involved and with fewer risks.


What is Aqua Aerobics?

Aqua aerobics is the practice of aerobics exercises but done in swimming pools instead of on dry land.

It is primarily a form of resistance training because of the weight as you move your limbs and body through the water, but it also has cardiovascular benefits.

Most water aerobics are offered in classes at local fitness centers and are an amazing workout for almost all groups of people.

If you’re thinking of where you can do water aerobics near you, definitely there are free water aerobics classes for seniors near you if you’re in the US.

The Young Men’s Christian Association (Y.M.C.A.) and some other organizations have centers for aqua cycling and swimming workouts generally.

water fitness or aquafit is also adopted in Europe and Asia, including Africa.

Water aerobics is a good example of an easy workout for calories burning which you can do at home with no equipment and lesser risks, and there are several health benefits derived from this practice.

  • It helps in increasing muscle strength.
  • It helps in increasing bone density.
  • It helps in reducing anxiety and chronic pain.
  • It helps in reducing blood pressure.
  • It can relieve one from stress.
  • It can alleviate pressure on the joint
  • It helps in burning calories in the body
  • It builds endurance
  • It improves flexibility
  • It helps in rectifying body posture
  • It promotes bowel functions
  • It corrects spine problems

Here are some of the reasons why aqua aerobics is a perfect form of exercise when hitting the gym:


Low Impact and Great For Joints

Aqua aerobics is known as a low-impact exercise.

High impact exercise means that the limbs and body often experience landing and hitting hard on an unforgiving surface, like when a jogger’s foot hits the pavement.

Over time, this hard-core type of fitness can wear down the joints and even cause damage to the bones.

Since humans are buoyant in water, there is no hard impact on an unforgiving surface in aqua aerobics.

This means you can still get quality resistance training without the strain on the joints and bones.

This low impact exercise is good for those who’re obese and those who’re having bad knees.

Unlike the workouts you perform in the gym whereby you need to know how often you should exercise, water aerobics can even serve as recreation and you can spend much time playing in the water and make it a routine.

Water fitness is ideal for the elderly, pregnant women, or those suffering from bone and joint conditions like arthritis.

These people still need to get to the gym and get exercise, as it is important to their health and well-being.

Water aerobics is a great solution for these groups of people.


Cardiovascular and Increases Muscle and Flexibility

Any resistance training is great for muscles. In water aerobics, pushing the weight of the water will naturally strengthen your muscles in the whole of your body.

Just treading water and moving through it helps build lean muscle mass and reduce excess fat thereby help in weight loss.

Aqua aerobics class can also get fast-paced and strenuous, which will help your heart get the exercise it needs as well and help in heart disease prevention.

Cardio is a must-have in any workout routine, and you can simultaneously get both it and strength training in one session.


Cool, Refreshing and Fun To Do In Groups

Hitting the gym results in sweating, there’s no getting around this integral part of getting fit.

However, water aerobics takes place in the pool so you are instantly cooled off as you are working out, which is great for avoiding heatstroke.

This is especially true if you live in a hot climate, like in Oklahoma in summer or Arizona all year-round. The risk of overheating is basically zero.

Another good way people can avoid significant heat stress when working out is to engage in swimming workouts as that won’t make you sweat but rather cool your body and refresh you.

For those who don’t like going to the gym because they get too hot while exercising can also make water exercise a good alternative.

Also, since water aerobics is often offered as a class, it’s a great opportunity to bring a friend or even make new ones.

Social types who love fitness and have no interest in stuffing in some earphones and hitting the free weights can hit the gym in their own way.



Water aerobics is a great fitness choice for those of all ages, but especially for niche groups who have a harder time with other kinds of workouts.

Fitness experts have realized the great potential for water aerobics in recent years, so classes are more accessible than ever before.

If you live in an area where the summers can be trying, and are curious about a water aerobics class, check your local gyms and fitness centers to see what types of aqua aerobics classes they may offer.

Hit the water today instead of the weights, for an amazing, stress-free workout.