Rapeseed oil – the healthiest edible oils
Rapeseed oil, like coconut, olive or sunflower, is a plant product and is therefore one of the vegetable oils. Rapeseed oil is full of unsaturated fatty acids, and the unique relationship between Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids is outstanding. For this reason, rapeseed oil is particularly healthy and can be used very well in the kitchen. It is not only for cooking, but also for frying it is perfectly suitable and should not be missing in any case.

Origin and harvest of oilseed rape
Rape (Brassica napus) has been cultivated for centuries and the plant was already known to the Romans. Originally, the Oilseed rape plant, also known as Lewat or reps, originates from the eastern Mediterranean and belongs to the family of cross-flowering plants. Rapeseed was mainly used for the production of lamp and edible oil and is still an economically significant crop.

Already about 2000 BC the plant was used in India, but it was not planted in central Europe until the 14th century. Only in the 16th And 17th century it found its way to the Netherlands and Germany and was cultivated extensively and used mainly for lamp. On the other hand, rapeseed oil was rarely used because the high content of acid was not negligible and could cause health problems. In addition, rapeseed oil was very bitter due to the acid. It was only in the 1970s that there were only small quantities of acid and thus the oil was also suitable for consumption.

The rape plant is usually planted in central Europe in September and harvested in August. The rape is usually harvested in an operation which is called Drusch. Once the grains become black, it’s time to harvest the rape. With the combine and an additional facility, the rape can be taken and ausgedroschen.

The rapeseed oil itself can be obtained by two different methods. One by one cold pressing and the other by refining. Of course, cold pressing is better for rapeseed oil, as the important ingredients, such as carotenoids and vitamins, remain included.
Ingredients from rapeseed oil

Rapeseed oil for children
As the above study shows, infants can already take rapeseed oil. Especially when preparing the baby’s porridge, a high-quality oil should be observed. The rapeseed oil is excellent for this purpose and can provide the body of the babies with important fatty acids.
But should the rapeseed oil be more refined or cold-pressed? This is a serious question to which many different statements can be found. While some have to bear in mind that cold presses contain pollutants or germs, others say that they are so low and cannot harm the baby. In contrast, some institutes point out that allergy-prone babies consume more refined rapeseed oil. In healthy children, however, cold-pressed rapeseed oil could easily be present in the baby.

Rapeseed oil for Dogs
Even in dogs, rapeseed oil has a positive effect on the body. Rapeseed oil helps the dog to revalue the fat-soluble vitamins from the food and thus to better feed the body. But the rapeseed oil also has a effect on the fur and it becomes more shiny and the hair loss goes back. It also helps with digestion and even in dry and itchy skin. Dog owners who barfen their dog have the advantage that the dog is supplied with important nutrients despite raw feeding.

Rapeseed oil for skin and hair
Rapeseed oil has great ingredients for skin and hair. But above all, it is also suitable to produce cosmetics yourself, to soothe flaky and itchy skin and to provide healthy, shiny hair.
Avocado rapeseed oil Conditioner for split ends afflicted hair
2 egg yolk
1 avocado
1 tsp cold-pressed rapeseed oil
Mash all ingredients and add to the hair tips or the entire hair. Leave to work for at least 20 minutes and rinse well.
Peeling for hands and feet
1 tbsp rapeseed oil cold pressed
1 tsp sea salt
Mix rapeseed oil and sea salt on your hand and rub your hands or feet. Then rinse with lukewarm water and allow the oil to move in.
However, rapeseed oil is excellently suited as a oil for stressed fingertips and nails. For this, half a cup of rapeseed oil is heated, one or two splashes of lemons added and the fingertips are bathed 5 to 10 minutes in it. Then do not wash the hands, but rub the oil well in the hands. This 35.000 is very suitable for nighttime, as the oil can act overnight.