Buy Canola oil and store it correctly
Rapeseed oil is available in many different varieties. Therefore, different Rapsöle should be tried to find the perfect oil for themselves. Here is a small overview: without heat supply and filtered in connection.

The seed can be pressed unpeeled or peeled. Taste and colour are more intense than at Rapsölen, which were refined. is pressed, the addition of cold pressed rapeseed oil may be used. This is the case, for example, in native and non-refined rapeseed oil.

Longer lasting

This is because they are gently dampened after pressing, which also softens the aroma. Heated even before pressing. Thus, the yield is higher, however, arome, colour and also ingredients remain on the track. In this manufacturing process the following methods are allowed: Demucus, deacidifying, deodorize, bleaching and polishing.

The refined rapeseed oil still has an advantage because it is so versatile in the kitchen. are manufactured in a specific manufacturing process of the Teutoburg oil mill. The seed is peeled before pressing and very gently pressed cold.

The advantage of this rape oil is that it can be heated higher and the aroma and color are better preserved.
Nevertheless, everyone has to find their own taste and it is really worthwhile to try some of the Rapsöle, as the taste intensity can be very different. However, it is the same whether a refined or native rapeseed oil is tried, as both can have a positive effect on health. Of course, the oils are also based on the price, which is hardly different. Here it is worth a look at the test results of Stiftung test, since it was found that many favorable Rapsöle were rated well, while priced bio-Rapsöle received above-average inadequate evaluations.

When buying canola oil should be paid attention to small bottles. Because rapeseed oil is quickly rancid and should be consumed within four to six weeks. It is also recommended that the oil is kept cool and dark to avoid oxidation.

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Rapeseed oil can not only refine food, but also do good for the body. The important and healthy ingredients provide the organism with the important omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and should therefore not be absent in any household. One advantage of course is that rapeseed oil can be used to prepare a wide variety of dishes. It can be used not only for cold, but also for warm dishes.

Even for children, Canola oil is very well suited and numerous pediatricians already recommend to offer small children’s meals prepared with rapeseed oil.

Likewise, dog owners should not dispense with rapeseed oil, because it not only provides a healthy and shiny coat, but also helps to relieve skin problems. Especially when Barfen the dog can be supplied with important nutrients.

Canola oil is an excellent alternative to olive oils, but it has the disadvantage that it gets rancid faster. Therefore, rapeseed oil should always be bought in small and light-protected bottles so that it can be used up quickly.