Cacao Nibs vs Dark Chocolate, Nutrient facts and Health benefits

Cacao nibs are the hulled and roasted cacao beans while cocoa powder and chocolates are processed cocoa beans with additives.

Both Cocoa nibs, dark chocolate, and cocoa powder have similar nutrients but in different compositions due to their forms and processing.

There are many health benefits of these products of cocoa but the cocoa nib is healthier than others.

The production of cocoa nibs is not at a very high temperature, and because of this fact, they do not lose their active ingredients like other products.

As cocoa nibs are processed gently at not more than 45 ° C, this looks different from the traditional chocolate. The bean is cracked and heated to at least 120 ° C. Mixed with carbonates.

On the other hand, cocoa nibs have higher nutritional content and are of better quality compared to chocolate. Also, they are not with additives and it’s particularly in pure form.

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For milk chocolate, the nutrients that remain are destroyed because it is enriched with powdered milk extract and thus, the antioxidant effect of cocoa weakens.

Also, the milk powder from the factory is usually processed with the addition of antibiotics, artificial hormones, and pesticides. Not to mention the amount of refined sugar added as well.

Difference between cacao nibs and powder

Cocoa Nibs Nutrient Facts

Cocoa nibs are much better for most people since it’s low in sugar, a good source of protein, fiber, and healthy fats.

Cocoa nibs are a Super-food for a sound mind in a healthy body, rich in iron, calcium, potassium, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, and free from additives.

Also, cocoa nibs are a good source of vitamins and dietary antioxidant which reduces free radicals in the body and promote better health.

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Cocoa nibs are acidic and contain caffeine. Because of this, it can stimulate and make you feel sleepy if you’re not having sleep at night.

How to use Cocoa  Nibs

It’s good to be taken before bed and good to help the body lose weight naturally. How much cocoa nibs to be taken daily depends on the purpose of its use.

Three cups of cocoa nibs daily are okay to boost energy and to maintain your weight. If it’s being recommended, then it becomes a drug and you should talk to your doctor about dosage.

Health Benefits of Cocoa Nibs

Cacao nibs are healthier than cocoa and a better alternative to chocolate because the cocoa seeds are healthy and have all ingredients that get destroyed by heating in cocoa powder chocolate processing.

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Cocoa nibs lift the spirits and have a long-term antidepressant effect. In addition, they contain a natural aphrodisiac and increase performance and brain activity.

It also helps the body to deal with stress better with the vitamins, proteins, micro-nutrients, fiber, dietary antioxidants, and neurotransmitters that are contained in it.

Appetite can be regained with cocoa nibs and both heart and circulatory disorders can as well be improved.



Cocoa nibs are not the same as dark chocolate, cocoa powder, and drinking chocolate.

They are all products of Cocoa beans but the processing is different and while processing cocoa nibs, most of the ingredients are not lost, making it more healthy to eat.

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