how to use castor oil for eyelashes and eyebrow growth

Organic castor oil for eyelashes is advantageous once we talk about eyelash growth and beauty.

It is usually a comfortable home solution to achieve long plus thick eyelashes in a short amount of time.

Organic castor oil for eyelashes when placed on the eyelashes prevents the excessive break and drop out of your eyelashes which generally occur due to weak eyelashes.

It also stimulates the natural growth of eyelashes resulting in healthy and fuller eyelashes.

People are now using castor oil to grow their eyelashes naturally and with no invasive technique.

Organic castor oil for lashes is considered a relatively easy and very potent house solution to attain long, thick and stunning eyelashes naturally.

how to use castor oil for eyelashes and eyebrow growth

The reason precisely why organic castor oil for eyelashes performs so proficiently is that it is packed with beneficial essential nutrients such as fatty acids and proteins.

Essential fatty acids like palmate acid, oleic acid, and stearic acid make up most of the oil’s composition.

Apart from this, the oil also offers development boosters which naturally enhance the growth process.

Below described are a few other reasons why organic castor oil for lashes is so successful in the growth regarding eyelashes.


It consists of vitamin E

Vitamin E, as most of the people know, is an antioxidant whose primary function is always to build fresh tissues and repair the old damaged ones.

Alongside this, it also works on mending the hair follicles and those healthy hair follicles than promote the expansion regarding healthy and new lashes.


Full of fats like Ricinoleic acid

When we look at the formula for castor oil, there are high levels of natural fatty acids like ricinoleic acid present in it.

Ricinoleic acid is an omega-8 which provides increased nourishment plus many nutrients towards the eyelashes.

Not only this, because the main formula of the oil is usually of fatty acids, that accelerate the growth method of the eyelashes in addition to making them naturally solid and firm.


It Makes eyelashes gleaming and beautiful

As organic castor oil for eyelashes is rich in so many essential nutrients, typically the oil holds the amazing ability to make your lashes glossy and shiny.

Once you start applying the oil frequently, your eyelashes become shiny.

So, apply the oil regularly and bid farewell to your dull, thin lashes that used to tumble out constantly!


Strong moisturization and Hydration of the Eyelashes

Dry, in addition to brittle eyelashes, are susceptible to extreme breakage, which is why organic castor oil is usually applied to the eyelashes to be able to moisturize and hydrate these deeply.

The oil locks all the moisture and provides severe nourishment to the eyelashes.

That reduces breakage and drop out and the eyelashes can grow fully and also beautiful.


Benefits of Castor Oil for Eyelashes

Most of us are addicted to having long and thick eyelashes.

People today want thick and long eyelashes that look beautiful and attractive.

Thick plus long eyelashes make your own eyes look more appealing and beautiful.

Castor oil has amazing properties if we talk particularly about the growth of eyelashes.

Just like hair, eyelashes also want proper care and nutrition.

Castor oil provides adequate nutrition to the eyelash cells and enhances its growth.

Castor oil is highly effective in this aspect and makes your natural eyelashes longer and also increases the volume of your eyelashes.

The essential oil provides nutrients for the lash base cells and promotes the growth of lashes.

It also improves the circulation of blood through the capillaries present there that boosts the expansion of lashes.

It increases the progress of eyelashes by about three times and also can make the eyelashes softer and longer.


The Proper Way to Apply Organic Castor Oil on Lashes

Before applying Organic castor oil for eyelashes, you need to confirm whether it is genuine or not.

If it’s not pure, it would not bring the desired outcomes which are the primary goal for the application.

In some cases, castor oil can be blended with some ingredients that might cause irritation to typically the eyes and may bring about some serious complications.

To avoid problems, verify the label whether the oil is pure or perhaps not before the application of organic castor oil for lashes.

The particular next thing is that you should not apply the organic castor oil using your fingers as it may irritate the eyes.

To apply this oil use eyeliner or perhaps eye mascara brush to be able to avoid the oil from getting directly into your eye and causing any damage.

Make sure that your eyes are clean and contain no makeup on them before applying the oil.

Apply the castor oil gently by utilizing the brush that either you have or comes in an application kit. Let it stay for the whole night.

Wash it off the next day with water or with the cosmetic remover.

The castor oil is applied at night since the contact time might be more and tissue are adequately hydrated, in addition to excellent results that can be achieved using this approach.


 An all-natural Way to Increase Eyelash Growth

Organic castor oil will help to improve your eyelash growth naturally.

There are different products available in the market but have different chemicals which could cause other issues towards the skin and your eyes.

So, to avoid such problems, you need to go for natural products that are not dangerous to us in any way.

This oil is safe to use plus has plenty of benefits for the skin and hair.

One better thing about this natural product is that it is low-cost as compared to a great many other products meant for eyelash growth.