Dangote spaghetti and macaroni are pasta made from high quality wheat. The wheat is first processed into semolina. The semolina is then made into a very stiff paste called Dough.

This Dough is further processed into different shapes, dried and packed in sachets. The introduction and acceptance of Dangote spaghetti and macaroni has helped to enrich the menu of the African table.

    Dangote pasta products are made in Nigeria to international standards and are approved by both Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) and The National Agency for Foods, Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC).

The standards to which the pasta is made are so high that it has NIS award from the Standards Organization of Nigeria.

The NIS award is the award given to certify that Dangote pasta is made from high quality ingredients and that the environment in which it is prepared is very hygienic.

The fact that Dangote pasta products are made in Nigeria is also assisting in the conservation of foreign exchange and the provision of gainful employment to Nigerians.

Dangote pasta produces several varieties of pasta thereby broadening the options for consumers to enjoy healthy whole meals from the normal sized spaghetti to the slim, added to five varieties of macaroni.

These are the twist, elbow, shell, spiral and alphabet. The alphabet macaroni which can be eaten by anybody irrespective of age is designed to assist children to learn while eating their fun meal.



    Honeywell semolina is a unique brand in many ways within its category. Everyone who has tried this product speaks about it with lots of excitement and satisfaction. And if it is always a case of once you try it, you get hooked to it.

In fact, the brand has benefited a lot from positive word-of-mouth testimonies. The Honeywell Semolina uniqueness is discernable in many respects:

    The unique packaging, easily identifiable. Connects well with consumers. The green color refers to nature, the source of natural food for consumers, and the eateries.
color of greenish item green speaks to all Nigerians where it has the largest market.

    Its granular nature and creamier color give it a very good look and feel.  Its fine particles allow it to turn into a paste very quickly during preparation, making it easy to prepare without stress.

  It has very good mouldability in the hand so it doesn’t break up to mess up the hand while you are eating it with your choice of soup.

   Its unique and pleasant tatse, and feel in the mouth makes for pleasurable and truly satisfying dinning experience.

  Honeywell Semolina retains its freshness, firmness and consistency much longer after preparation in comparison with other brands in the market; it can therefore be prepared well ahead.

It is especially suitable for lunch and dinner at home, restaurants and for group outings. The brand also delivers more yields, making it a very profitable brand for restaurants, hotels and eateries.