Although the effect of Silica is sometimes criticized in the media, there are some evidences for the effectiveness of this natural remedy. The experiences of real customers that have tried the diatomaceous earth.

There are also online publication from doctors and health practitioners who talk about the positive effect of diatomaceous earth. 


However, sometimes, you are missing the relevant scientific studies since research into the health benefits of diatomaceous earth is only at the beginning stage but you can find some studies on silicon, a compound of silica online and draw your conclusion on its effectiveness.


What has been proved so far by science is that, the body requires silicon for the various functions in the human body. It can be serious deficiencies, if no balanced food is ingested and absorbed and Silicon is in insufficient quantity in your food. Typically, this deficiency is quickly noticeable.


It comes to cracked nails and dull, dry hair. In addition, the skin may look dry and brittle. But more dangerous symptoms are stunted, and susceptibility to various infections.

Also bone loss can occur due to the lack of Silicon. But not only by poor diet of Silicon may reduce content in the body, but also by the increasing age.


This is particularly dangerous, because as you get older, lack of Silicon can negatively affect the heart and blood vessels. Therefore, it is important that healthy foods containing Silicon are consumed. However, Silicon can be found in various vegetables and fruits.


A balanced diet can also be supported with the intake of silica. In this way, you can avoid deficiencies and the associated symptoms. If one suffers from brittle, dry hair, one can nust try out diatomaceous earth, because it has a positive effect on hair growth and hair health with the included Silicon.


The effect of diatomaceous earth centre on the silica when combines with water. This is a chemical reaction in the body through which, for example, the hair are supplied with nutrients.


Thus, the hair are much shinier and healthier. Also, the hair through the intake of silica grow back faster. The silica has still another effect. Silica can improve problems with dry, itchy scalp.


Sustainable side effects from taking the silica are not known. However, it is worth mentioning that the diatomaceous earth is taken only as a cure for a certain time.

Large quantities of silica is not recommended because it can lead to problems with the lungs and the respiratory tract.


As with all foods and food supplements, allergies can occur in some cases. Therefore, you should talk to a doctor if an allergy is suspected.

It’s also important talking to your doctor if you’re already on drugs for certain diseases in order to avoid interaction. So far so good, this has not been documented, but this is recommended for any alternative remedies.


Application of diatomaceous earth

For the siliceous Earth, there are several reasons to apply them. Most of the time people become aware that there is a deficiency is when symptoms have already occurred; such as brittle nails, brittle or dry hair and the like.


Since Silicon is important for the body, you can apply diatomaceous earth for these symptoms very well. Diatomaceous earth should be used as a cure for a certain time.

You should know that, dosages vary depending on the symptom and disease.


Also, there are various dosage forms for the application. So there’s for example, tablets, capsules, and also the powder which can be taken. To buy the tablets and capsules, you should adhere to the leaflet and take the recommended amount. Who buys the powder can make the dosage individually depending on the need.


The powder can be added in food. So, you can eat the silica for example in the morning in the yogurt or your muesli. Also, the powder can be dissolved in water or other beverages, such as fruit juices. Well, this silica powder can be purchased online.


The gel can be applied externally and helps in wound healing. You can also find its use for insect bites, itching or other skin problems. It’s recommended to apply the gel on the corresponding part of the body. You can find relief and the skin can also regenerate and heal faster.


Also, the powder is quite useful for external application. Of course, the powder

can be taken orally or you stir in a small amount of water and apply it on the skin or hair. If you’re applying it to your hair, you should massage the silica on your hair scalp and then soak for a while before washing.


The dual use in Acne is interesting. You can take diatomaceous earth orally so also on your skin. Through the applications here, you will notice that, the pores shrink, inflamed skin swell up and reddening of the skin disappear within a short period of time after application.


The general appearance of the skin is improved dramatically through the application of the silica. But also, the use of silica in the increasing age is important.

Because siliceous Earth contains silicon, you can take some health benefits by applying here. It is often said that, diatomaceous earth is designed to help joint pains such as rheumatism and arthritis.


Without doubt, this siilica is definitely important for the bones and cartilage. At a time when it has to do with severe stress, you should also make a spa with diatomaceous earth.


In this way, you can improve the general well-being, stimulate the bodily functions and easily reduce stress. Also, the negative effects of stress can be reduced by taking it.


The intake of silica is also good for the immune system as it strengthened it through the application of the natural healing supplement so that, diseases such as colds and the like are more easily intercepted.


Silica is used in folk medicine for many different purposes and people that have tried the diatomaceous earth felt good after taking it fee. Also, you can find some

helpful tips and instructions dealing with this topic as you continue reading.