The application and dosage of stevia
The application areas of stevia are versatile. As already mentioned, Stevia is mainly sold here in Germany as a care product. Stevia can be used as an excellent bath additive. Other cosmetic products can also be ordered online with the extract of the stevia plant. In pharmacies, reform houses and online here, the dried stevia leaves can be bought and even a skin care product is produced.

It is not necessary to use large quantities of dried stevia leaves, but small quantities are quite sufficient, so a package of stevia leaves is very productive. The dried leaves are simply poured with hot water and so you can make a broth or tea. It is also possible to place the leaves with alcohol and thus to produce a tincture, which can be used, for example, as facial water.

The use of stevia as a remedy for skin diseases is interesting. If you have a sensitive skin, you should not use a tincture of alcohol, but the broth of the stevia plant is quite sufficient. With the broth, eczema, inflammation, acne and other skin ailments can be treated. Stevia is also known for its anti-aging effect.

The broth of the stevia plant can thus improve the skin, but also at the same time tighten the skin. This way you can slow down the ageing process and even iron out small wrinkles again.

Since Stevia has a bleeding and anti-inflammatory effect, it is also possible to use broth for wound treatment. The healing process is accelerated and in case of small injuries, burns and cuts can be quickly alleviated. If you have a wound, you can dab the broth on the affected spot with a cotton ball. Also conditions with Stevia Sud and baths can be helpful in wound healing. For more useful information on medical effects, see

As already mentioned, stevia has not been approved as a foodstuff in Germany. However, this is different in many countries and therefore stevia is used in these countries as a substitute for sugar. With stevia you can sweeten drinks, but also without further cooking and baking. Here online already ready sweeteners from stevia are offered, but it is of course also possible to use directly the leaves of the stevia plant.

It should be noted that cooking and baking with stevia is not a problem at all, as this plant withstands very high temperatures. In turn, a broth can be made from the dried leaves, which is processed in the food and drinks, but also the dried leaves can be used small chopped directly. Online there is some good advice on the use of stevia.

The weighting is made easy with the natural sweetener stevia. Stevia has virtually no calories and therefore this sweetener can be used as a sugar alternative. So you can still cook your favorite foods despite diet. It takes a little practice to use the right amount of stevia when cooking, because the sweetening is much higher than that of sugar and therefore only small quantities are required.

Nevertheless, you can make desserts, cakes and all kinds of delicacies with stevia. Another advantage of the use of this plant is the regulation of digestion. It is widely known that good digestion contributes to the success of a diet. People who already use stevia, report fast weight loss without much effort. Here you can find the relevant experience reports online.

If you read the testimonials online here, you will also come across comments that talk about the taste of stevia. If you buy the finished sweetener online, it may well be possible that it tastes a little different than sugar and is therefore getting used to. It is therefore better to use the stevia leaves and the broth that you can produce yourself.

This is also read in the experience reports, which the taste of the leaves, which of the finished sweetener is often preferred. People who use stevia for a certain period of time can no longer taste the difference between sugar and stevia. Even if the taste is a little getting used to, the consumer quickly becomes accustomed to it.

Another point that is sometimes discussed online in the experience reports are the side effects. It has been believed for a long time that stevia has negative side effects. However, this was refuted by the scientific studies on this plant.

On the other hand, the use of stevia in peoples in South America, which have been using stevia for centuries and living much healthier than people here in Europe, also speaks. Here, stevia is not only a substitute for sugar, but also a cure for various diseases and ailments.

Sustainable side effects cannot be observed here. Even those who are concerned about the interactions with other drugs can be quite calm. Stevia is certainly safe and such interactions are not yet known. All investigations have so far revealed that stevia can be classified as risk-free.