Impotence has come to constitute a major concern for many men, no thanks to the dictates of modern , pressure-filled living. Many physician and health care provider often receive complaints of chronic erectile dysfunction, as it is also called.


It is natural for any man to become troubled if he finds that, night after night, he is not able to “perform”.

Nothing could be more disheartening. He is not fulfilled as a man and soon, he begins to feel that if he does not do something fast enough, some other man may eagerly take his place (Role).

An adage says that, the dread of a man is not so much as that someone else carrying out his privileged duty for him, but much more that he does not know what revelations about his inability that might have been made known to the other man.

And so, you find that though erectile dysfunction is quite common among men this days, the afflicted disguises his ” demasculinization ” only hoping he would discreetly find solution.

May I expressly tell the one who is so psychologically wounded that he is not alone. Moreover, in most cases the problem has a solution. Just read on……

Frequent Complaints
Though the term weak erection is commonly used to describe chronic erectile dysfunction ( also called impotence), the problem is not just about erection. Some of the common complaints we receive in this respect include:

Lack of desire to make ‘Fun’
This is usually called loss of libido. Inability to achieve a strong erection, inability to sustain erection for an appreciable length of time to finish the act.


He has erection to start, but soon after he has begun, he goes “flabby”. This can be worrisome for the man and very disappointing for his partner.

There is also the common complaint of early ejaculation.
In this case, the man had erection but soon after a few strokes, he ejaculates. And may be after this, he never could achieve another erection the same night. His partner could almost like to stone him.

Not exceeding 1 ” bout” of love making
The last, yet not the least of common complaints is the inability to have a second and possibly a third go.

He is sorely weakened after the first. It is heartwarming to know that each one of these complaints are correctable in most cases.

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction
In the past, it used to be thought that impotence is just a psychological problem. Now, it is known that erection is achieved through a complex interplay of psychological stimulation of the brain, the efficient functioning of the nerves and the relevant blood vessels as well as the corresponding actions of the necessary hormones.

Whatever interferes with any one of these aspects may possibly hamper erection. Some of the factors that can affect these major areas include:

1. Stress Disorders
Stress could be physical, emotional or due to some other forms. It is part of our natural living. However how we respond to stress determines what impact it is going to make on our body systems.


One of the aspects of life that’s adversely affected by stress is the sexual life. The initial impact is on the libido.

    The libido is the desire to make love. If the level of stress remains sustained, it will eventually affect a man’s erection. This is because in addition to killing desire, stress causes loss of relevant nutrients from the body, the deficiencies of which will affect the ability to sustain effective erection.

2. Cardiovascular Diseases
Diseases of the heart and blood vessels may likely affect erection. Arteriosclerosis and other peripheral vascular disorders are common causes of erectile dysfunction.

Arteriosclerosis is the thickening of the walls of the smaller arteries, often with a narrowing of the lumen of these blood vessels.

It can be caused by hypertension, and deposition of fatty plaques due to wrong dietary choices. The result is poor inflow of blood into the spongy tissues of the male organ thereby affecting proper erection.

3. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
STDs, especially when neglected or poorly treated can possibly result in erectile dysfunction. It is wise to seek professional attention to treat STDs. So much of what some people called STDs are not really so.

What people call Staphylococcus infection may not really be so. Get professional advice. On the other hand, some of what is neglected could be the problem; among the latter are severe and systemic fungal infections.

4. Excess Alcohol And Cigarette
Contrary to what some believe, heavy drinkers and smokers are very likely to have erectile problems. Some claim that these beverages enhance their performance.

This is not really true, rather on the long run they will adversely affect erection. Alcohol and cigarettes take their toll on the overall health and erection is one of the aspects of man’s life it caused damage.