How to get rid of headband marks on your forehead

What is Durag (Wave Cap or Scarf)?

Most people that grow their hair, especially females love to wrap their heads with durag, also called wave cap.

Durag is a fashionable scarf made from smooth fabrics such as silk, satin, polyester, or rayon.

It is usually used by black people to cover their hair at night to keep oil in the hair from making it to their face and pillow, prevent breakage of the hair ends, and promote curly hair, and healthy hair growth.

Some individuals use durags for fashion without growing hair, especially celebrities, and rappers.


Durag Lines on your Head

Consistent use of durag or wave cap can leave dark marks on your head over time.

Durag lines can appear at the back of your head, but scarf lines are common at the forehead.

These lines are also more easily noticed in light-skinned people than in dark people.

How to get rid of headband marks on your forehead

How long does it take for the Durag Lines to go away?

Wearing a durag correctly can minimize or get rid of the line, and you should not worry, durag lines are not permanent since they can go away on their own if you use a durag less frequently, stop using it or start wearing it correctly.


How to Get Rid of Durag Lines?

It’s simple to get rid of scarf lines on your forehead if it’s becoming obvious.

  • Wear a durag or wave cap correctly

Make sure your wave cap is not too tight or too loose, and wrap the scarf tail correctly above your eyebrow.

A properly fitted durag can help reduce the appearance of lines on your hair and forehead.

Some people do wear their durags inside out to minimize the lines on their heads

  • Use a soft brush on your hair

When brushing your hair, use a soft-bristled brush to avoid pulling on your hair and causing lines.

  • Moisturize your hair

Dry hair can be more prone to developing lines from a durag or wave cap. Therefore, keep your hair moisturized by using a leave-in conditioner or hair oil to help prevent lines.

  • Allow your hair to rest

Try to limit the amount of time you wear your durag or wave cap. Give your hair a break by allowing it to rest and breathe.

  • Use a hot towel

Dampen a towel with hot water and place it on your forehead for a few minutes to stop durag lines on your forehead.



Remember, everyone’s hair is different, so what works for one person may not work for another.

You can get rid of headband marks on your forehead by using a silk durag cap or durag bandanna on your head.

You should not wrap the durag too tight on your head, and tighten the scarf over the edge of the wave cap’s band.