How to use Fenugreek essential oil to promte hair growth
There are many factors that could lead to hair loss in both men and women, young and old.
It ranges from heredity, hormonal changes, diseases, poor nutrition, lifestyle, medication interactions, and others.
Hair loss is often due to the hormone, protein and vitamin deficiency, and you can correct this with nutrition naturally.
How to use Fenugreek essential oil to promte hair growth

What is the best oil for hair growth?

There are essential oils that can help to improve hair growth.
Amongst them are Castor oil, Almond oil, Olive oil, Burdock root oil, Mustard oil, Tea tree oil, Fenugreek seed oil, etc.
Today, I’ll be talking using fenugreek seed oil to enhance hair growth for both men and women, and you can combine it with other oils for better results.

How does fenugreek help in hair growth?

Fenugreek has been employed in ancient times to correct hair loss, and it has been helpful.
Fenugreek is known for many thousands of years as a remedy for hair loss, which is now scientifically confirmed.
You can even use Fenugreek with olive oil or castor oil for a quicker result.
Fenugreek is a protein treatment. It also has Nicotine acid and can be used to correct hair dryness, thinning, mild baldness and treat dandruff.
Fenugreek tea such as broth from fenugreek seeds can be used as a hair rinse. It should be rubbed deep on the scalp and also on the hair tips.
The hair would not only become soft and shine, but the proteins in it would also strengthen the hair roots and supply it with vital substances which can also promote hair growth.
Phytohormones play an important role here. When the hair is compared from before the application of fenugreek oil and after it’s used for three months, there is noticeable positive growth in the hair.
There are also reviews and testimonials of positive changes in hair length after eating fenugreek seeds.
Another advantage of fenugreek is that dry scalp and inflammation of the scalp can be treated.
Fenugreek among other things is anti-inflammatory and slightly disinfectant.

How to use Fenugreek for Hair growth

Do you like to avoid hair loss or baldness, you can make ground fenugreek seed and extract the oil, eat or use as a shampoo.
You can even take it fenugreek seed powder or capsules. How much fenugreek to take for hair growth however depends on the dosage form.
Also, how long it takes for fenugreek seed to improve hair growth depends on the quality of the product and application, but generally, you should experience changes after three months.
For the powder and capsules, you should follow the instructions by the manufacturer. This will be written on the leaflet of the product.
You only need to verify its efficacy before buying it from the manufacturer.
As a general rule of thumb, two fenugreek capsules can be taken daily.
If you are using the ground fenugreek seed you make as a home remedy, 2 tablespoons in a half cup of water can be taken in one session and you can do that twice daily.
Taking two cups of fenugreek tea daily has been proven to strengthen the hair after a few months.
Fresh fenugreek leaves mixed with water or coconut oil can be applied to the scalp, massaged and left for approximately 30 minutes.
You can leave fenugreek shampoo in your hair over the night and it can help to make grey hair black again.
You can as well mix the ground fenugreek seeds with coconut oil and after a few weeks, new hair growth in bald places should set.