shiitake mushroom health benefits

Application Shiitake fungus
Shiitake has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years for healing. The fungus is very diverse and can provide relief in case of discomfort. Shiitake should help in particular with bronchitis, colds, hypertension or circulatory disorders as well as in diabetes, susceptibility or atherosclerosis and other chronic inflammatory diseases.

However, the valuable mushroom was hardly known in the Western countries, but is now on the rise. Numerous clinical studies have already been carried out and the ingredients as well as the effects have been studied.

It has already been discovered that Shiitake has a positive effect on the immune system and thus supports the body in many diseases. Because the immune system is intact, viruses and bacteria make it hard to weaken the body.

Shiitake is located at the 8th place in cancer treatments and is very often used as a pharmaceutical. However, this has not yet been substantiated by studies.
Furthermore, the fungus has a very good effect on all diseases of the abdomen and is therefore used in traditional Chinese medicine as a strengthening of the yang. But it is also intended to neutralise toxic influences from food very well.

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Shiitake against bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites
Studies have already demonstrated several times that Shiitake acts against infections caused by certain bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites.

The difference between them is the effect on the growth of organisms and the stimulation of the defence. Sulfaniertes Lentinan (which is obtained from the Shiitake) could be successfully used in laboratory trials against smallpox, Stomatitis and measles viruses, as well as against HIV viruses and influenza viruses.

But it also became apparent that the defense against viruses such as candida and parasitic infections was significantly improved.

Shiitake for the immune system
If the immune system is strong, disease has little chance. Therefore, Shiitake is very well suited to strengthen the immune system, since polysaccharides that are obtained from yeasts and fungi are stimulating. In Shiitake is mainly Lentinan included, which is absorbed by the food.

In the Test series it was demonstrated that Lentinan stimulates the formation of feeding cells, killer cells and T-helper cells, thus prefacing diseases. But the distribution of the body’s own messengers is also stimulated, which is an important aspect, especially for cancer cells.

Shiitake in Cancer
A good immune system can also be used to minimise the risk of cancer. Again, Lentinan is an important helper, as this ingredient can not only detect, but also destroy, cancer cells. The juice from Shiitake also aims to inhibit the uncontrolled growth of tumor cells.

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For this purpose, various studies were carried out that significantly increased the lifespan of mice infected with a tumor or cancer when they got Lentinan. The tumor also developed back with Lentinan.
In a study involving 89 people with gastric cancer that was not operable, it was found that the persons treated in addition to Lentinan had a longer lifespan. They lived on average 80 days longer.

However, not all studies have been positive and therefore this could not be sufficiently substantiated in order to be approved.

Shiitake and cholesterol
In particular, the ingredient Eritadenin could show in clinical studies that in rats the cholesterol level decreased.
Also in a study from Japan it could be demonstrated that in the daily intake of 9 g dried Shiitake or 90 g fresh Shiitake The cholesterol level could be easily corrected.

Shiitake in chronic inflammatory diseases

Due to the numerous good ingredients, Shiitake diseases such as osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, arthritis can be alleviated. On the one, because Shiitake is anti-inflammatory and on the other, because the fungus strengthens the immune system. Furthermore, it was possible to demonstrate in clinical studies with mice that dried Shiitake could reduce the destruction of the joints in arthritis.

Shiitake against cervical cancer
Several studies have even demonstrated that Shiitake-derived AHCC can defeat cervical cancer. Ten women who had been tested positively for cervical cancer had to take six months of a dietary supplement with AHCC from Shiitake. According to the study, five women were tested negatively on HPV and in three women the virus had completely disappeared from the body.

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However, this treatment should be carried out with AHCC three to a maximum of six months. Longer or even the daily intake of these supplements are not required. It is especially important that the intake takes place regularly, i.e. daily over the period.

Shiitake for the liver
Studies have also shown that Shiitake strengthens the liver. Especially when drying Shiitake, the ingredient Thioprolin is released, which is responsible for the fungus stimulating the body and thus neutralizing nitrite better. Nitrite is mainly found in smoked or canned meat and sausages. But even in überdüngtem vegetables it can happen.

Shiitake in colds
Even in colds, Shiitake can be applied very well. Because they strengthen the immune system and help the body to quickly get back on their feet. However, in the case of a strong flu, it is advisable to eat, because a virus flu often accompanies an overstimulated immune system.

However, since Shiitake strengthens the immune system, it is further stimulated and a worsening occurs instead of improvement. Therefore, Shiitake fungi are only recommended for flu infections and mild flu diseases. However, to prevent them, a regular consumption should be preferred.

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Other Shiitake areas of application that are not documented
In traditional Chinese medicine, Shiitake fungi are also used for the following ailments. So far, however, there are no positive or correct studies of this application.
Hypertension, circulatory disorders
Visual impairment, dizziness, fatigue, fatigue, stress, headache
Inflammation of all kinds
Hepatitis and other liver ailments
Increased fat levels
Support for cancer diseases
stomach discomfort

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