How to use Green Coffee for Weight Loss

Many people are already aware of the health benefits of green coffee tea and there are weight loss success stories on online forums.

Green coffee is mostly used for reducing weight, therefore minimizing the risks associated with heavy weight. However, many are still not sure of the dosage forms and dosage of organic green coffee extract that’s effective, safe and good for them.

How to use green tea for weight loss

If you are buying raw green coffee, its extracts are usually in powder, capsules and tablets form as well as drinks in the store.

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Generally, it can be in mixtures of different varieties and the exact composition is rarely known. Some of other green coffee that can mixed are

  • Green Arabica beans
  • Green excelsa beans
  • Green Liberica coffee
  • Green Maragogype coffee
  • Green robusta beans
  • Green stenophylla coffee

To make sure that the coffee varieties come from credible producers, you should buy and consume only the one from trusted dealers.

While they are generally safe, we recommend green coffee powder and drinks since they are not likely going to contain additives but it´s easy to be taking too much of this dosage form.

If you are buying capsules or tablets, care should be taken when taking on the dosage of the leaflet.

While the tablets and capsules with green coffee extract is usually taken about one hour before meals, there are green bean coffee pills that are taken only in the morning and in the evening.

Most tablets with green coffee extract have a dose between 200 or 300 milligrams but there are some with higher-dose. What’s most important is to have a talk with your medical doctor for suggestions and advice.

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It is sure that some green coffee tablets and capsules are high in chlorogenic acids share, which is at least 50 percent. One can also find slimming coffee and drinks in the store.

For the powder and drinks, it can be taken on empty stomach as there are no reactions experienced in most people that have tried this.

You can just take a cup of it in the morning and another in the afternoon and one more before meal at night. Taking 3 to 5 cups daily for month is very effective in loosing weight.

The best time to drink green coffee for weight loss should be in the morning before meal while you can take some veggies and fruits as breakfast.

While some people have tried to eat the green coffee tea in powder form or in cold water, it´s better to dissolve it in boiling water and can as well steam it for at least five minute before drinking.

Green coffee tea don´t taste nice to most people but you can make it taste good by adding milk to it, stir and drink warm.

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Are there Side Effects of Green Coffee Extract?

So far so good , there are no great side effects of the green coffee extract that could be observed.

People with sensitive stomach should start with one or two capsules per day and increase the dose slowly.

If taking it as tea, one can start with two cups daily, one in the morning and another in the night, one hour before meal.

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Chlorogenic acid may cause stomach irritation in some cases.

Even in some tests performed on animals, researchers found that chlorogenic acid can improve stomach ulcers and occasionally, there may still be some sort of stomach irritation.

In addition, it should be remembered that green coffee extract contains caffeine also.
This is present in small amounts but nevertheless, the coffee consumption should be reduced when you’ve taken too much of it in a while.

If you’re starting out this regimen, you should endeavor not to overload your stomach.

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By some studies that were conducted, it was affirmed that green coffee extract could be used to shed some pounds of flesh within few months without exercise or any special diet.

Of course, the excellent green coffee extract benefits the people who eat healthy and do more sports more than the people that do not watch over their diet and engage in regular exercise.

However, the ingredients of this green coffee bean make weight reduction possible.
In addition, the substances in the green coffee can significantly help more.

They slow down the ageing process and also work in preventing diabetes.

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More so, it enhances performance and help in liver cleansing. For this reasons, the green coffee extract is a great helper and does not have significant side effects when the proper dosage from a doctor is taken.



Do you like to reduce your weight, the green coffee extract is an excellent assistant which has a positive effect even on the entire body.

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Extracts of bitter leaves also work great when you take it three times a day for just two months, the result will amaze you.