L-arginine is a nutrient from amino acid protein which is classified under arginine, which has numerous health benefits to the human body. It is found in protein rich foods and it can be well processed in the body.

It is not a major essential nutrient but a form of proteinogenen amino acid which is usually converted to nitric oxide and enhance blood circulation, stimulate hormones and thereby help in body building, erectile dysfunction etc..

Proteinogen amino acids aid the functions of neurotransmitters and it’s one of the minor essential elements that can be produced by the body and also gotten from food. Some enzymes and tissues and body muscles also need L-arginine.

For example, L-arginine, when the appropriate dose is taken, help in muscle building and because the nitric oxide can have positive on the blood vessels, easy and quick blood flow, it’s important for men erection and sustaining their libido.

What is this L-arginine all about
One of the important properties of L-arginine is that, it has high proportion of nitrogen element which is easily converted to nitric oxide and it has other forms of nitrogen better than almost all other amino acids.

One of the benefits of nitric oxide in the body is that, it expand the blood vessels and help balancing blood pressure and control it from going high rapidly.

How your body process L-arginine
L-Arginine can be quickly produced in the body, especially when you’re not battling with any serious health condition any health problem, taking good and healthy food, good lifestyle and overworked.

All these may have effects on the metabolism of the protein. In you’re guilty of any of the following, you should rely on healthy food to support the L-arginine.

What effects as L-Arginine got on your blood vessels ?
L-Arginine is very enriched in nitrogen among other amino acid protein in your food, making it an essential supplements for nitrogen deficiency in the body and due to its properties, its conversion to nitrogen oxide in the body help to expand the vascular walls, meaning that, more nutrients as well as fluids would be absorbed in your body.

L-Arginine- nitric oxide help in dilation of the blood vessels and ensures good circulation but it also help in old age and illness to prevent hypertension as a result of inflexible and narrowed blood vessels, reducing the rate oxygen and blood get to the body cells.

Any benefit of L-Arginine Supplement to the human body immune system?
L-arginine is a form of amino acid that can help boosting your immune system, improving your body defense against microbial attacks and diseases. L-arginine help in stimulating the lymphocytes in your body, increase them and strengthen the immune system since the nitric oxide has antibacterial properties which can also fight infections in your body cells.

L-Arginine and its effects on atherosclerosis
L-Arginine, a semi-essential amino acid which is know for the synthesis of nitric oxide (NO) has been linked to atherosclerosis as it countered this disorder in studies conducted on rabbits some years back.

When used with B vitamins, particularly vitamin B12, B6 and also folic acid, it can be positive on atherosclerosis and hypertension since this nutrient help in blood flow and can reverse atherosclerosis and prevent high BP.

There was a particular study which was conducted on 400 subjects and their high blood pressure was significantly lowered and it was really impressive with just about 4 grams of L-arginine in two months. However, more studies are still needed to be carried out to support this claim very well on humans.

The study also showed that the body homocysteine level was lowered in the patients. So, if you want to know how to lower homocysteine and get the homocysteine level in the normal range so that it will cause harm to your nerves and blood vessels, increase the risk of diseases such as stroke and heart attack.

L-arginine is also a natural remedy for homocysteine symptoms and treatment. It’s very important to control homocysteine metabolism and keep it low so that it’s not deposited in the blood vessels and alternatively, taking vitamins like B6, B12 and folic acid can also help as the deficiency of these vitamins can increase the homocysteine level in your body.

Does L-Arginine work in Diabetes Type 2
Diabetes is a disease characterized by the inability to fully utilize carbs in foods as glucose and it does not raise the sugar level in the blood and this could be as a result of inadequate production of insulin hormone in the body. L-Arginine, now support metabolism of insulin, especially in type 2 diabetic patients.

Foods such as almonds and hazelnuts are found to be enriched with L-arginine amino acids and it was confined in scientific studies that L-arginine supplement could stimulate insulin hormone secretion and protect B cells. With 5 grams of L-arginine daily dose for few weeks, you can definitely observe improvement in diabetes type 2. For l-arginine diabetes dosage, you can also consult your doctor for advice.

Some studies also proved the health benefits of L-arginine in metabolising glucose to reduce blood sugar level in mice and the study was also conducted just few years. This dietary supplement indeed help in insulin secretion and it does not raise blood sugar level as side effect. However, more studies are still important ti support this claim.

Is L-arginine Helpful in Protein Metabolism
l – Arginine is an essential amino acid for for protein metabolism and precede the¬†synthesis of glutamate, urea, proline, creation etc and also help preventing ammonia from getting into the bloodstream when it’s produced during protein synthesis.However, it can also induce sleep and some talk from experience that, L-arginine make them feel sleeping after taking its pills or powder.

People with hair loss can also benefit from L-arginine protein as arginine is also responsible for fast hair growth and it can be used to grow beard hairs (for men). Also, it’s used in cosmetic industries to produce shampoos for hair treatment and also in skin care products. 5grams of L-arginine powder or pill can be taken daily for few weeks for good result.

On a final Note
L-Arginine is of much health benefits to men especially and it’s much appreciated by athletes, fitness experts and bodybuilders. Those men who live their lives with weak erection and low self esteem because of their Ed now have a natural remedy to their problem and L-arginine do not take long time before you start getting the desired result

If you’re thinking of how much L-arginine you should take in the morning and night, you can talk to your doctor for advice or follow the instruction on package leaflets if you’re buying its product.

Although, amino acid don’t have any negative effect in human body and you can enjoy it as much as you want as long as you follow the appropriate dosage. There’s dose for its effect on weight loss, bodybuilding, erectile dysfunction (Ed) and so on; you only need to visit your physician since he’s in the beet position to recommend medication for you.

Most especially for blood vessels and blood circulatory system, the blood flow can be enhanced with nitric oxide and thus, hypertension and some other bad health conditions can be effectively prevented. L-Arginine has also proven itself very well in atherosclerosis as it reversed the calcification of the arteries in some scientific studies performed on mice and also human.

Summarily, L-Arginine is a dietary supplement that enriches your body, correct deficiency of some vital vitamins in the body, help stimulating insulin hormone to metabolize glucose and lower blood sugar level in your body and generally support healthy posture.