Does Phone Radiation affect Baby in Womb? Find out

Every day, we use electric devices to boil water, heat food, dry our hair, and iron our clothes.

Nowadays, it’s impossible to imagine our lives without electronics. However, there are some disadvantages alongside the benefits.

Our devices emit radiation that worries pregnant women and wonder if phone radiation can affect babies in the womb or how many hours is safe to keep phones close to the body daily while pregnant.


The Use of Mobile Phones during Pregnancy and the Risk of Spontaneous Abortion

Many negative things can happen if a pregnant woman is exposed to too much radiation depending on the stage of fetal development, the health of the fetus, and the health of the mother.

Radiation coming from home appliances is called non-ionizing. They include our computers, televisions, mobile phones, microwaves, electric stoves, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, etc.

Many people assume that non-ionizing radiation is associated with genetic damage, miscarriages, and birth defects, therefore, putting your phone on your stomach while pregnant is discouraged.

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However, ongoing studies on this effect haven’t confirmed the disadvantage of using a mobile phone during pregnancy or whether it is bad to put a smartphone near your womb for hours yet.

The level of radiation from your mobile phone is low and it won’t affect your baby’s health, but for greater protection of the fetus, some rules should still be followed.

disadvantages of using mobile phone during pregnancy

How to Avoid or Minimize Radiation from Home Appliances during Pregnancy

When watching TV, try to keep a distance of at least one and a half meters, or even better, 2 meters.

When you have the microwave on, stay at least half a meter away.

Don’t sit too close to your computer screen, and try to minimize how much you use your PC or your mobile phone.

Despite their compact size, laptops and tablets emit no less radiation, so don’t put the device on your lap, especially on your belly.

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Don’t put your phone next to your pillow, don’t carry it in your pocket, and try to minimize how much you use Bluetooth while pregnant.


The risk of Ionising Radiation during Pregnancy

Whereas non-ionizing radiation has little effect on the body, ionizing radiation deserves special attention, as it hurts both mother and fetus.

Ionizing radiation enters the body via x-rays, which poses a great danger to the embryo, fetus, and future children.

Continuous delayed growth, mental retardation, and birth defects are possible if the fetus has been exposed to a high level of ionizing radiation.


How to protect your Baby from strong Radiation

Fortunately, you can avoid or reduce the danger of radiation by following some rules.

Fluorography and x-rays examinations should only be performed during pregnancy if referred by a doctor and if there are strong indications for one to be performed.

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If you are going to see a dentist, don’t forget to tell them that you’re pregnant, or even better, visit them while you’re still planning pregnancy.

CT (computed tomography) scans during pregnancy are contraindicated.

If performing an x-ray is necessary, then it’s possible to reduce radiation on the abdomen by taking the x-ray from the back.

An x-ray of the head, neck, chest, or limbs won’t harm the baby, especially if you put on a lead apron.



Excessive exposure to electromagnetic radiation can lead to miscarriage or illhealth of the fetus, therefore a pregnant woman should not be exposed to more than 0.5 mSv dose per year.

If your job puts you at risk of radiation, you should not be exposed to more than 0.5 mSv dose in a month, especially in the first 5 months of pregnancy since this is the time your fetus is most sensitive to radiation, and can absorb radiation from the mom.

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