Royal jelly is the food produced from the hypopharynx glands of bees to feed other bees, usually the larvae in the colony and also adult bee Queens.

We all know how nutritious and healthy the honey is to human health, although Royal jelly was known to have healthy benefits on animals as studies have already been documented as regards this.

However, many individuals are also giving testimonies of the positive effects of Royal jelly on human health.

Royal jelly is rich in important elements such as Folic acid, Riboflavin, and other vitamins, especially the Bs vitamins: Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B8 and B9, therefore its healthy effects can not be doubted.

Royal jelly has been linked to positive effects in regulating blood sugar, reducing oxidative stress, healing of wounds and many other conditions because it has antioxidant properties and it’s antiinflammatory.

Hence, it help reducing inflammation, repairing damaged cells and exfoliating dead skin cells.

In addition to this, there was a study on 15 subjects who took just 6 grams of royal jelly and result showed that it significantly reduced the LDH cholesterol level in their bodies while the good HDL cholesterol value as well as the triglyceride value remained almost unchanged.

Royal jelly could help in weight loss

Since the accumulation of bad fat is usually responsible for weight gain, Royal jelly has been experimented as it actually prevent and also reduce weight in females with type 2 diabetes and subjects without diabetes. And it does not diminish the energy bank.

The HDAA and HDEA contents of Royal jelly which help in activating proteins that are responsible for heat production and help facilitating fat burning process in the cells are also responsible for the weight loss when if taken consistently.

Because of the nutrients and minerals in this food, it could have good effects on bone metabolism, and repairing worn out tissues on the skin.

Furthermore, it could also inhibit the growth of tumor since it has antioxidant agents and it fights free radicals in the body.

Since honey itself is very good to the body and has immense health benefits, Royal jelly too could help improving the overall health of man, enhance the mind, improve performance and increase life expectancy.

While Royal jelly can be used as dietary supplement and against several ailments, however, self medication should be discouraged and the advice of your dietician o physician should be followed.


Royal jelly for Male Fertility

Royal jelly can help stimulating appetite but most importantly, it can help in regulating the male hormones and increase testosterone level thereby improving libido, increasing sperm count and help against erectile dysfunction in men.

Royal jelly for female fertility

Another interesting aspect of its healthy effect is on whether it can assist women in conceiving.

Since the Royal jelly helps the fertility of the Queen bees, there’s Chance that support optimal hormonal balance, improve the female egg quality and increase the women chances of conceiving.

There are no successful studies to back this up yet but we’re looking forward for more scientific studies in this direction in the future.

Royal jelly for memory

Royal jelly can also prove effective in mental balance and can have positive effects in helping the aged in preventing and recovering from memory loss and restlessness since the thiamine, inositol, Pantothenic acid, serotonin and acetylcholin which are ingredients of the royal jelly can help the psyche.

Royal jelly for the immune system

Royal jelly can also strengthen the immune system, remove bad cholesterols and reduce the blood sugar level despite the sugar content in it.

But for diabetic patients, care should be taken and only on doctor’s advice you can go further in eating royal jelly.

Other health benefits of Royal jelly are on

  • Better eyesight,
  • Stress management,
  • Slowing down aging process
  • Nourishing the skin,
  • Improving performance especially in athletics and,
  • Preventing bone porosity (osteoporosis) which can actually lead to bone fracture.

Royal jelly will help in absorbing the calcium and improving the gut and nerves in the body.

Another healing effect of Royal jelly is on ulcers which occur due to diabetes and this larvae feed healed 8 out of 10 ulcer patients, similar to the effects of manuka honey.


Royal jelly as natural healing cosmetic

It has been proven effective on improving the skin since it contains vitamins which are important for skin health.

Royal jelly can be mixed with creams for beautiful and fresh skin.

It’s also being used in preparing many body cream for bright complexion since it enhance the formation of collagen.

Not only its positive effects are felt on the skin, it’s also used for hair vitality.

It’s regarded as hair tonic and can be applied to the scalp of the hair to help removing dandruff, boost hair growth and make it shine and healthy.

The protein and vitamins in Royal jelly are responsible for this positive effects on hair growth.