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Oh! You’re overweight and it seems you don’t like the stigma about people that are obese. You don’t give a damn but you just want to be fit and look more attractive.

So, what’s next is to begin to eat less food and you think that’s the best you could do to help your situation.

Firstly, before you admit you’re fat or overweight, you need to see your doctor as some people that thought they’re overweight are not really so unless you’re extremely large or you know how to calculate the body mass index (BMI) and some other parameters.

Do you know it’s harmful to starve yourself for weight loss. Usually, it happens in life when you allow friends and relatives to talk much about your size and they begin to condemn your weight, only to be starving yourself and the next day, you starts struggling to eat pure Arugula leaves and some other vegetables that could help you lose some pounds, leaving yourself to harm.

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In severe cases, a complete lack of knowledge about losing weight also make the victim to drink tea for weight loss, he buys it from drugstore with probably some fads like “weight loss per week!, eats only one thing (such as apples), go to the procedure (from slimming massage to massagers, flush the fat in your bath (or in a dry wine) etc.

If you could understand the anatomy of your body and the factors responsible for weight gain and weight loss, you will definitely mock these fallacies about losing weight and simply respond “miracles do not happen” to these fads.

Your weight is just the difference between received and expended calories.

It is important to observe balance in this difference. You cannot starve to slimming.

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While you are on hungry diets, slimming occurs largely due to loss of lymphoid tissues and muscle fibers rather than fat, which gives up and goes to the last.

Weight loss during fasting will definitely be there, but this weight loss is likely to be regained. Firstly, because it is impossible to drastically and forever take 500-700 (even1200-1500) calories per day, and secondly, this will contribute to developing amid losses of nutrients and depression.

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The deplorable result of starvation are: muscle loss, fat gain. This means the same weight would be worse than before (“heavier” muscle fat). Just like when you exercise for a short while and you stopped it without continuing the routine, you’re likely going to increase in weight. So, you don’t need to starve yourself, just seek expert advice for the appropriate diet.

With every cycle of fasting and weight loss, people end up losing more muscle and gaining more fat, this is known as a yo-yo effect. The fact is, you don’t have to starve when losing weight. What should I do? If you want to lose weight, follow these simple steps:


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1. Learn your norm calories.

Make it easy to calculate your food calories. There are some tools that can do it for you online. Dont just eat because it’s necessary to realistically assess how much calories you consume and to learn to visualise the energy value of foods.


2. Reduce caloric content a bit below the norm.

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sing a very simple and gentle methods: get rid of fat diets from your menu but make sure you do not lower the calorie content of your food more than 20% below its standards.

3. Enjoy physical activity

It’s necessary for you to burn excess calories (any aerobic exertion: running, working on exercise machines at the gym, swimming would do) or burn calories and increase muscle mass, then your caloric norm would be enhanced
and you will be fitter and probably continue to lose weight.

If you honestly comply with these simple steps, then after 3-6 months, not only you but also everyone around you will notice dramatic changes in your body, and if you continue doing so all your life, your body will be in perfect shape always.

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Moreover, proper nutrition will go into a natural habit and need continuous monitoring of calories itself.

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Starving to Reduce Weight & Fats vs Tips to Lose Pounds Quickly

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