what is salvia sage plant

Sage – effect, application and studies
General information about Sage
Sage belongs to the plant genus of the lipped. There are approximately 900 varieties of sage. The sage used here in Germany in the kitchen and as a herb is part of the Salvia officinalis variety. Many other genera are found in other countries of the world.

This plant is very widespread, practically throughout the globe. In fact, there are only two areas on Earth where sage does not grow and that is Australia and Antarctica.

Sage is a half-shrub and grows up to 50 cm in height. The plant is quite weather resistant and easy to care for. This plant can easily hibernate even here in Germany.

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Sage is recognized by its small purple to bluish-violet blossoms. These are approximately 3 cm in size. The flowers are always grouped together. Often you can find up to eight flowers in a group. Not every kind of sage blooms purple or violet. Some varieties can even wear white flowers, red or pink flowers. This is mostly due to the country of origin and of course also to the variety. The sage plant blooms between May and July.

Sage has been used for millennia as a spice and as a medicinal plant. This spice herb can be applied fresh or dried. Sage is rich in essential oils. The exact ingredients of the sage are determined by variety and country of origin. Depending on where the sage grows, the ingredients may vary a little.

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Some varieties are best suited for cooking and as a medicinal plant, because other varieties are used rather as ornamental plants. Sage can be found in many front gardens. Often the owners are not even aware that they have sage in the garden. Sage is also often planted to keep insects and pests away. Therefore, this herb can be planted very well between vegetables such as carrots and cabbage. If you want to, you can even use a broth made of sage and this for pest control.

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Of course, there are many other areas of application for this herb. In the past, Sage was often used as a perfume and in fact this herb still finds application in the perfume industry even today. Cosmetics from the sage extract can also be produced without any further care.

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Another area of application which is no longer known today is sage as a preservative. If meat is rubbed with sage, it does not only spice up the meat, but also makes it more durable.

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