The effect of sage as herb
Sage is much more than just a spice herb. Sage was especially valuable centuries ago as a herb. Although much of the knowledge of medicinal herbs has been forgotten, more and more people are looking for alternative healing centers and medicinal herbs. Sage is an important part of medicine here, because alone with this herb you can treat the most diverse diseases and ailments.

Sage is particularly effective in respiratory diseases. Of course, other diseases in the mouth and throat can also be cured by an application with sage. For this you can simply brew a tea made of sage or also buy cough candies with Sage extract from the pharmacy. However, the sage tea is the better alternative.

The fresh or dried leaves of the sage can be used for this purpose. These are simply doused with boiling water and you leave the tea for a few minutes to pull. In addition, you can also sweeten the tea with a good honey.

Sage was investigated in the modern era by scientists in order to determine which active substances work in sage. It was found that Sage carries some special ingredients. Among other things, the following ingredients can be found in sage:

Essential Oils
Bitter substances
Tanning materials

Because of these ingredients, sage has an antibacterial effect and can therefore be used for oral and personal care. Interesting is the application as a toothpaste replacement. In fact, Sage was used for dental health centuries ago. A leaf of the sage is wrapped around the finger and thus the teeth and palate are massaged. Bacteria in the oral cavity are killed by this application and caries are combated. Bad breath can also be successfully combated.

If this seems peculiar and decides against the use of sage leaves in the mouth, but also does not need to renounce the effect of the sage. There are also ready-made mouthwash and toothpaste with the extract of sage, which you can buy in different shops or order online here.

A good idea is also the use of sage tea or Suds to gargle in the case of sore throats or injuries in the mouth. This can also be alleviated by pressure points. Therefore, Sage should really not be absent in any household.

The same broth can also be used for skin care. To do this, simply place a cotton ball in the broth dipped to apply it to the affected skin area. This works very well with pimples and blackheads. Sage is great as a face water. It is best to put the broth a little into the skin and then wash off the skin with lukewarm water. One will notice after a short time that this facial water is effective and improves the appearance of the skin.

Inflammation, pimples and other skin blemishes are already sounding after a few days. Also as a bath additive, Sage is a recommended medium. Especially with sensitive skin, eczema and the like, this addition can quickly bring relief.

In addition, a sage tea can also be used for stomach and intestinal ailments. Sage is effective for stimulating digestion and the functions of the intestine are regulated. However, care should be taken to ensure that only small amounts of the sage are used. A few leaves of this herb are quite sufficient to brew a tea.

Large quantities can lead to toxic symptoms. It can come to dizziness and even cramps. But if you keep to the recommended dose, you won’t have any problems with it. Sustained side effects are not expected in normal ingestion. In all scientific tests, no side effects could be detected by the controlled use of sage. Those who are unsure can also discuss this with a naturopath or a doctor.

The use of sage
Since sage can be applied both internally and externally, Sage is a very versatile herb. There are many areas of application that are interesting. For example, with a tea or broth of sage gum inflammation, throat infections and similar can be treated very well. You can also use this broth as a mouthwash and gargle with it. This can prevent and treat bad breath.

Even respiratory diseases, coughs and bronchitis can be treated without any further treatment. Who wants can also buy in the pharmacy cough candies with sage extract. These can of course also be ordered online here.

Sage tea is also effective in other diseases. For example, it can bring relief to digestive problems and other other gastrointestinal and intestinal diseases. The tea is also very effective in bloating, diarrhea, stomach aches, Übelkeift and the like. Sage acts antibacterial and antiseptic. Even fungal infections can be cured. In addition, Sage was used for herpes viruses centuries ago.

This herb is effective in herpes simplex viruses which has been proven by scientific studies.
The following fields of application for sage have come to light through scientific studies of folk medicine, traditions and, of course, in modern times:

Respiratory diseases
Bad Breath
Digestive Disorders
Stomach aches
Eczema and other skin diseases
Pimples and Acne
Hair loss
Welding formation
Hot flashes

A good recommendation for the external application is the addition of the sage-Sud in the bath water. To do this, pour a few sage leaves with hot water and let them pull for 15 minutes. Then you simply put this broth in the bath water. In this way, wounds can heal faster and skin diseases are treated successfully.

Sage smells aromatic and was used as a deodorant thousands of years ago. In fact, strong perspiration can also be prevented. Sage can be helpful in hot flashes and night sweats.

The dried leaves of the sage plant can be bought in reform houses and pharmacies. You can also order online here. If you want, you can now order some finished products with the sage extract online here. There is mouthwash and toothpaste, soaps and lotions, cosmetic products, bath additives and much more.

Also popular are the sage candies in cough and the sage tea in tea bags. Of course, Sage can also be planted in the garden without any further information. The plant is easy to care for and the winter here in Germany is without problems. In addition, Sage in the garden can also act as a defense against pests.

Those who plant sage can use the leaves fresh or dry them and keep them for longer. Tinctures can also be made from the sage leaves by pouring them with alcohol and allowing them to be pulled in the alcohol. The exact instructions for this can be found online here. Also online instructions for the production of natural cosmetics can be found here. This is worthwhile for people who are sensitive and do not tolerate finished products well.

When using and dosing, it is important that you do not exceed the recommended quantities. For a cup of tea, a few leaves are quite adequate. For finished products, you should pay attention to the quantity information on the package leaflet. Sage contains substances that can have a toxic effect when overdosed. Dizziness and convulsions can occur. Otherwise, no side effects are known at normal dosage.

Scientific studies on Sage
In the last decades, the demand for alternative remedies has grown ever greater. Many people are looking for natural medicinal plants that can be taken in various diseases and ailments. Some medicinal herbs are known from folk medicine, which were then studied in scientific studies a little more precisely on the health effects. So also the sage.

Here online there are some very interesting studies on sage and the effect on chronic diseases, such as Alzheimers and also cancer. This one should definitely look a little more closely. Of course, the publications in medical journals are also interesting. And modern times, many new studies have been made on the use of sage as a cure.
One of these articles deals, for example, with the theme of menopause and the symptoms that some women experience during this period.

Especially hot flashes are a problem that many women have to contend with. This article describes how a group of subjects with these symptoms was observed while they were administered by Sage. The study took place over a period of 8 weeks. The results of this study are very interesting because, in fact, Sage has been alleviating the symptoms and the subjects reported an improvement in well-being.

Therefore, this spice herb can be recommended as an alternative to conventional medications. Of course, this is not possible in any case and conventional medications can still not be completely replaced. However, Sage can also be taken to support, for example, to reduce the dosage of these medications. Other studies on menopause have shown similar results with the use of sage.

The Carstens Foundation is the leader here in Europe when it comes to scientific studies on alternative remedies. Online can be found on the website of the Carstens Foundation a publication dealing with the effect of sage in memory loss due to Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

It is stated that the effect of this remedy has been proven by various studies and some of the studies are cited here. It is interesting that Sage has a positive effect on the brain, but no side effects can be expected. Therefore, this herb can actually be recommended in Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

Another study dealing with the efficacy of sage at Alzheimers comes from at Tehran University in Iran. Here a group of subjects was observed over a longer period of time. The study lasted over 4 months and during this time the subjects were treated with sage. A group of these subjects, however, received a placebo product during this period to determine whether the results vary.

It was found that the group of patients received the sage, actually experienced an improvement in memory. The data in this study are convincing, because Sage made a big difference here. The exact data of this study can be viewed online of course.

Sage is also a cure for other ailments, such as gastric and intestinal diseases that are associated with pain. Here, too, investigations were made. A study by the Hashemite University made here an examination of rats fed with the extract of the sage. It was found that Sage is actually a remedy for gastrointestinal and gastrointestinal ailments, as it has a regulating effect on the tract. Also, Sage is pain-quenching.

This study of animals allows inferences, although of course further studies with human subjects should be employed to gather more data in this regard.

Online There are many more studies that will be found in the research. In any case, one should take a closer look at some of these studies in order to understand the effect of sage. Also online advice and tips on using sage can be found here. Of particular interest in this context are testimonials from people who have already tried sage at home as a cure.
This way you will certainly find other areas of application for this valuable herb. It should also be noted that new studies are published online here, which are more specific to the curative effects of sage. Research is far from over.

Sage is a very effective natural remedy, which has been known here in Europe for centuries. The scientific studies have demonstrated the healing effects of this herb and do not rely solely on the traditions of folk medicine. Sage can be applied very simply by pouring the leaves of the plant with hot water and making a tea. This can also be sweetened with honey. However, there are already ready-made preparations which can be bought at the pharmacy or online. So there are finished teas and drops. The sage candies are also popular, especially in the case of colds and coughs. There are also sage tablets and gels. Those who do not grow sage themselves in the garden and still prefer to buy the plant themselves, can get here without further dried sage.

Sage is especially effective for colds and stomach and intestinal ailments. However, studies have also shown that chronic and severe illnesses can be either alleviated or cured with this herb. It is quite possible to treat menopause complaints with sage. Also recommended is sage in the prevention against Alzheimer’s.

If the disease occurs once, sage may be able to slow down the course of the disease. Of course, Sage is not always a substitute for conventional medications and it is important to look for a doctor on chronic illnesses. With this one can also discuss the ingestion of sage as a supporting remedy. In some cases it is even possible to reduce the dosage of conventional medications by taking sage.

Sage usually has no side effects, but should only be taken in small quantities. The dosage recommendations here online should be considered in any case. If you buy a finished sage product, you should stick to the dosages in the package leaflet.