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Schussler salts-effect and application possibilities
A well-known size in the history of medicine is Professor Dr. Rudolf Virchow, who researched and worked in Berlin in the 19th century. Among other things, he is regarded as the discoverer of the cells, of the tiny building blocks from which every living being is composed – today the related concepts and terms are general knowledge.

However, in the middle of the 19th century it was documented that plants and animals consist of cells, most vivid small elementary units. The study of cell biology, also called Cytology, took its beginning much earlier, but now the correlations and functions could be explored more closely, especially the biochemical processes in and between the cells that breathe, grow and “function” the organism.

Virchows Contemporary, the homeopathic physician Dr. Schüssler (1821 – 1891) from Oldenburg was fascinated by his new findings. He now tried to fathom in detail what exactly is going on in the cells and how they work.

In doing so, he stumbled upon their dependence on the supply of very specific nutrients. In particular, mineral substances and trace elements are indispensable “fuel” for the perfect and healthy function of each cell. If this supply is interrupted or absent essential substances, this leads to deficiency symptoms, malfunctions and subsequently to diseases.

Today, it is known that a vast spectrum of different substances is fed through food or produced by the body itself. They maintain the growth, healing and regeneration processes of tissues and the function of the organs – without this biochemical interaction no life.

Schussler developed a new approach to treating disease or dysfunction. In addition, he concentrated on 12 mineral salts, with the gift of which the biochemical interaction of the cells can be brought back to the solder:

These substances known today as Schüssler salts
Feed the cells directly
Catalyze the nutrient uptake of each cell and thus indirectly improve their growth and functions
specifically promote specific cell activities

Homeopathy assumes that certain properties of a substance are able to trigger similar reactions in the organism. According to the Simile principle, the same is cured by the same. Dr. Schüssler, however, clearly bordered his healing method. He put his salts d differently and simply described his approach as “biochemistry” – because with it he wanted to intervene in the biochemical processes in the body and regulate them.

Schussler salts: Treatment and therapeutic approaches
As one of the first scientists, Schüssler also thought about what is now known as “biological availability”: he investigated how the organism could best process the mineral salts administered.

Schüssler made a bond with the classical homeopaths: He diluted or raised the starting substance – in the light soluble Schüssler salts, he believed that the power of D6 was best suited for this, and in the case of heavily soluble substances the potency D12 was more likely.

Because the salts have to be rubbed very finely, the skin or mucous membranes in the mouth immediately penetrate the bloodstream, without detouring the digestion, after Schüsslers conception. As a result, patients should not swallow the tablets, but should be slowly dislocated in their mouths.

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Schüssler used the selected mineral salts in two ways: comparable to the approach in homeopathy, he set them on the one hand to “stimulus therapy”. The raised gift of a mineral is intended to stimulate the cells to multiply the missing substances from other areas of the body, for example from the blood, and thus to remedy a deficiency condition.

In this type of application, it is sufficient for the patient to take two or three tablets of the respective salt approximately three times a day.
In the so-called substitution therapy, the tablets, drops or creams are used to bring missing minerals from the outside.

However, in order to completely cover the physiological needs with Schüssler drops or tablets, you would have to take hundreds of them per day. Due to the high dilution of the active substances this variant is less practicable.

However, Schüssler salts such as mineral and tablets should not be equated and taken into account. The daily need for vital substances is actually covered by food or, if necessary, by nutritional supplementation.

The therapy according to Schüssler is more likely to give the cells an impulse to use the minerals from the food better and more balanced.

Diagnosis and Application principle
As an experienced homeopathic physician, Schüssler paid close attention to the “constitution” of his patients in the anamnesis and assessed them according to a wide range of traits.

Thus he developed the “Antlitzdiagnose”, which, however, is not limited to the face only. Criteria, in order to mention only a few examples,
Wrinkles and wrinkles, Muscle tone, drooping cheeks, twitching of eyelids or similar Skin color, condition of the skin surface, for example, whether this large, unclean, gray, dry, pale or reddened, such as
Eczema, rashes etc.

Chapped or Dry lips
Base and color of the tongue
Condition of teeth and gums
Hair growth and hairline
Age spots
visibly enlarged thyroid gland

Experts in biochemistry according to Schüssler speak of “signatures” that can be interpreted by the therapist in the case of evaluations of various bodies of the body: they are for him the expressions of deficiency conditions and disturbances in the biochemical system of the organism.

Based on the long list of different criteria and characteristics of the face analysis, the therapist then assigns the appropriate salts and possibly additional supplements.

A successor to Schüsslers, Kurt Hickethier, developed the Antlitzdiagnose further and wrote a standard work that is still valid today. However, this diagnostic method is controversial, the term diagnosis has been replaced with the name “Face Analysis”.

A homeopath or a therapist after Schüssler knows his materia medica with all its characteristics down to the last detail. Experience, a broad knowledge of the manifold manifestations of diseases and the effect of all available constitutional means enable him to what many school physicians and skeptics still deny and reject as “unscientific”: he is able to successfully heal a whole series of ailments in a gentle way.

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The Schüssler salts often achieve astonishing results when used correctly. If correctly assigned, this can often also be achieved in self-treatment.

The 12 Schussler salts and supplements
In trade the 12 different Schüssler salts are used as tablets or globules, but also as drops or as cream or lotion, also depending on the intended use. Patients who react sensitively to gluten or lactose can avoid drops.

For simplicity, the salts are numbered – this makes it easier to work with the application and every pharmacist knows which of the salts is meant:

No. 1 – Calcium fluoratum – administered in the potency D12 – provides more elasticity in the tissue,

No. 2 – Calcium phosphoricum – Potency D6 – Supports cell renewal, for example, after bone fractures, strengthens together with no. 8 after disease

No. 3-Ferrum Phosphoricum – Potency D12 – acts against inflammation and, quite similar to Arnica, in acute blunt injuries, bleeding, but also in pain conditions

No. 4 – Potassium chloratum D6-has a general anti-inflammatory effect, especially in the case of diseases affecting the mucous membranes
No. 5 – Potassium Phosphoricum D6-effective against exhaustion conditions, but also concentration weakness, sleep problems, restlessness, weakness

No. 6 – Potassium Sulfuricum D6-helps, for example, to reduce excessive secretion in infectious diseases
No. 7 – Magnesium Phosphoricum d6-helpful in all types of cramps and colics
No. 8 – Sodium chloratum (Saline) D6-supports and regulates the fluid balance of the organism

No. 9 – Sodium Phosphoricum D6-good for diseases that are associated with or induced by too much acid in the body, such as heartburn, gastritis, skin irritation.
No. 10 – Sodium Sulfuricum d6-acts generally cleansing and detoxifying – whether in infectious diseases, intestinal problems or “hangover”

No. 11 – Silicea (silica) D12 – strengthens connective tissue, strengthens after diseases
No. 12 – Calcium Sulfuricum d6 – healing in inflammation, abscesses, chronically irritated organs

The short descriptions here deliberately include only the approximate areas of effect of the constitutional means – an experienced healer can combine the salts or use them alternately, he also knows the entire range of therapeutic possibilities.

In addition, countless reference books and manuals have been written – anyone who wants to read in and apply the Schüssler salts for self-treatment will find abundant material.

The practical application and further research led to the beginning of the. 20th century to introduce 15 supplements that can initiate or amplify the effect of the actual Schüssler salts.

These are
No. 13 – Potassium Arsenicosum D6
No. 14 Potassium bromatum D6
No. 15 Potassium jodatum D6
No. 16 Lithium chloratum d6
No. 17 Manganum Sulfurium
No. 18 Calcium sulfuratum
No. 19 Cuprum arsenicosum d6
No. 20 Potassium aluminium Sulfuricum d6
No. 21 Zinc cloratum d6
No. 22 Calcium Carbonica d6
No. 23 Sodium Bicarbonicum d6
No. 24 Arsenic jodatum d6
No. 25 Aurum Cloratum Soda d6
No. 26 Selenium D6
No. 27 Potassium Bichromium D6

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Application of Schüssler salts
So far there are no strict scientific documentation on the efficacy of Schüssler salts. But in many cases they are successfully applied. A whole series of existential disturbances responds positively to the response of the mineral balance in the body.

Examples of this are
Generally weak constitution and immune system
Weak connective tissue
Inflammatory processes of various kinds (here can also help Manuka honey)
Musculoskeletal problems
Diseases of teeth and tooth holding apparatus (disease)
Skin, hair and nail problems
Metabolic diseases
Nerve pain

This list can be safely extended by a trained therapist after Schüssler.
However, this therapy is not recommended as an “experiment” for self-treatment in severe and acute diseases. However, a school-medical treatment can often complement it perfectly.

As in homeopathy, some experts here also speak of the possibility of “initial aggravation” – that is, after the beginning of the treatment, clear reactions can be perceived. However, these do not have to be stopped or threatening.

Schussler salts – effective or not?
Often homeopathy or even therapy after Schüssler in the crossfire of school medical critique: They are ineffective at best and at worst pure charlatanism. Nevertheless, they have been used for a long time and often with great success.

Critics often argue that the actual active ingredients are ultimately no longer detectable by the potency, the strong dilution.
But the basic principle common to homeopathy like Schüsslers “biochemistry” is the stimulation of the enormous self-healing powers of the organism. And that is why no active substance quantities are necessary, as in the medicine of conventional medicines. “Impulses” suffice.

Scientific studies on therapy with Schüssler salts do not exist in practice. But increasingly, naturopaths and alternative practitioners are about to record their therapies according to scientific aspects. The results can be observed and documented over a longer period of time.

The framework conditions of such an experience collection are perfectly in line with research requirements: representative patient numbers and comparisons are possible. In addition, the successes are measurable: up to 90% of the observed patients experienced an improvement in their well-being.

However, if you have no heilkundliches knowledge and no experience with the treatment approaches Schüsslers, you should nevertheless consult a doctor in case of unclear complaints. Even with the help of the numerous reference works and books on the subject, experiments in acute, serious diseases are not recommended.

Not because this kind of alternative healing methods do not work, but because their correct application requires immense knowledge. If it is lacking, the success of the treatment will inevitably remain.

In case of non-acute complaints or as supportive adjuvant therapy, the Schüssler salts are a proven pathway to relief or even healing. Even a self-treatment is then well possible, provided appropriate information on the respective subject. Side effects are hardly to be feared, and the salts can be administered readily with respect to lactose, milk sugar or Glutenallergien prepared accordingly.

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