Sacha InChI – the still unknown superfood
Sacha InChI (pronounced: Satscha Inski) is known among many different names. It is also called Inca Peanut, Inca InChI, mountain peanut or Inca nut and is still quite unknown in this country.

This superfood has a lot to offer. The Inca nut is full of omega-3 fatty acids and no other plant can have such a high concentration. However, the optimal composition of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids as well as a high percentage of proteins can also have the Sacha InChI oil.

This also has the reason why the Sacha InChI Oil in the year 2007 in the “AVPA Foods Commodities” has received the gold medal.

Origin and history of Sacha InChI
Sacha InChI originates in the Amazon region of Peru and has been cultivated here for many centuries. Meanwhile, the Inca nut, which belongs to the spurge plants, can also be found in the tropical areas of South America as well as in Thailand and on the Antilleninseln.

The plant is perennial, has hairy leaves and loves temperatures from 10 to 36 degrees. In doing so, it can put up high heights of up to 1700 meters as well as humid areas. The Sacha InChI plant requires, above all, sufficient running water to thrive and fully unfold.

The fruit, the Inca peanut itself, looks similar to anise and has in each chamber a seed from which the precious and extraordinary Sacha InChI oil is pressed. After harvesting, the fruits are first dried in the sun and can be either processed or consumed afterwards.

While flour can also be made from the complete nuts, the oil is pressed from the seeds. After the cold pressing the oil has a yellowish to tender-green tone and smells very pleasantly after fresh leaves. The nutty and slightly fruity taste of Sacha InChI oil is not dominant and therefore the oil can be used for almost all foods.

The commission of Anti-Biopiracy explained Sacha InChI to an endangered plant species and the Peruvian Government therefore supports Sacha InChI farmers who grow the plant sustainably and ecologically in Peru. In addition, people can sell the oil in organic farmer cooperatives and thus secure their livelihood.

Ingredients by Sacha InChI
Sacha InChI has been cultivated in the Amazon region for many centuries and is used as a beauty and remedy. The Sacha InChI oil is used in particular for rheumatic ailments. But even in the kitchen Sacha InChI is no longer imaginable. In addition to delicious soups, sauces or even butter are refined with Sacha InChI oil and the hill peanut is also a taste experience.

The first scientific records of the Inca Nut were made 1980 in the USA. The protein and fat content of plants was investigated there. Here the scientists found that the seeds of the Sacha InChI plant consist mainly of oil (60 percent) and proteins (just under 30 percent).

It was also found that the Sacha InChI oil has the world’s highest omega-3 fatty acid content of all plants and also an optimal omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acid composition.

Furthermore, the Sacha InChI oil has over 17 mg of vitamin E, which means that it contains more than twice as much vitamin E as walnuts. Also, the extraordinary oil is full of magnesium (800 mg) and calcium (230 mg) and contains about 15 grams of carbohydrates.

Therefore, numerous food experts consider the Sacha InChI oil to be one of the best vegetable oils ever. Also for this reason, in Paris the particularly valuable oil of the Sacha InChI Seeds was awarded in the year 2004 and 2006 in the competition “oils of the World” as the best oil in the world.

Precious fatty acids in Sacha InChI oil
As mentioned, Sacha InChI is oil full of valuable fatty acids and proteins. In particular, the omega-3 fatty acid is represented at about 48 percent. But also the linoleic acid (Omega-6 fatty acid) can have a share of about 35 percent and the omega-9 fatty acid is also present with a scarce 10 percent.

This means, however, that the composition of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids are present in an optimal combination and are particularly good for the body.

The Alpha Linolenic (Omega-3 fatty acid) is a vital substance for the body. Since it cannot produce it itself, it must be fed from the outside. The Alpha Linolenic is especially important for the skin, the nerve cells as well as the retina of the eyes and has important functions there.

As a rule, this essential fatty acid is absorbed with fish because it is present in large quantities. However, this also means that vegans can quickly suffer from a deficiency phenomenon, because they dispense with all animal products.

Thus, the fatty acids have to be absorbed by other foodstuffs, which makes the Sacha InChI oil an indispensable oil for vegans. Because in this, large amount of important essential fatty acids are contained and can thus prevent deficiency symptoms.

Only one teaspoon of the precious Sacha InChI oil already covers the daily needs of an adult in all omega fatty acids.
Another alternative would be linseed oil, which is also an excellent supplier of Alpha Linolenic. However, the omega-6 and omega-9 composition is not as optimal as the Sacha InChI oil.

This also means that it is only about 2 months durable and therefore needs to be consumed very quickly.

The Sacha InChI oil, on the other hand, has the advantage of its perfect composition of the fatty acids, that it is oxidation stable, which means that it is preserved for about one year in a cool and dark storage. The particularly high content of vitamin E comes into play here as well.

Because it also makes the oil more durable. Therefore, for all self-made skin care products, a little vitamin E should always be added to prolong the shelf life.

The effect of Sacha InChI oil
In the Amazon region the curative effect of the Sacha InChI plant is greatly appreciated. The fruits are not only used in the kitchen to refine food, but also ground as flour to produce a wide variety of dishes.

However, the plant is also used as a remedy for rheumatic ailments or sore muscles. In addition, the women use the Sacha InChI oil for beauty care.

Due to the high proportion of omega fatty acids, the oil has numerous health benefits. Precisely these fatty acids are responsible for regulating cholesterol levels. They can also have a positive effect on blood pressure. This also means that cardiovascular health is positively affected, as some risk factors can be excluded.

In addition, the fatty acids, especially the alpha Linolenic, are also responsible for the fact that deposits can be prevented in cardiac coronary and also the blood vessels are kept elastic.

The alpha-Linolenic also supports the ability to increase performance and concentration and further strengthens the immune system. This essential fatty acid should also have a positive effect on migraines, ads and ADHD, as has been stated in studies. The mood brightening effect can also be supportive in light depression.

Application of Sacha InChI
Sacha InChI can be used very versatile. On the one, the oil is used as a remedy and on the other it comes into use in the kitchen. There is no limit to creativity, because the taste, with its nutty-fruity note, is not dominant. However, when used in the kitchen, care should be taken that the Sacha InChI oil is not heated.

For one, harmful trans fats can form and, on the other, some of the valuable ingredients are lost. Therefore, the oil is used mainly in the production of dips, dressings or even cold dishes.

For this, it can be easily through over the salads or the vegetables to give you an excellent taste. It is particularly easy to combine with spicy spices as well as with citrus fruits.

In cosmetics, Sacha InChI oil is also used because it has a particularly high proportion of vitamin E, i.e. an antioxidant. Thus, the oil can be used very well as an anti-aging agent and may refine the skin, as well as cushion small wrinkles.

In addition, the free radicals are effectively combated, which can protect against early aging of the skin. In addition, the fatty acids not only protect the skin, but also hair and nails and can continue to support diseases such as neurodermatitis and psoriasis. But even in the case of allergies, inflammation or skin irritation, the Sacha InChI can have a positive effect.

Even in alternative medicine, the Sacha InChI oil is very popular. Even though it is only slowly on the rise in Germany, there is already a great appeal here. As already mentioned, it is used in Peru mainly for rheumatic complaints. But it is also used as a regulator of blood pressure and cholesterol.

Furthermore, it is recommended in alternative medicine for cardiovascular health and Neurodermatitis and psoriasis as well as eczema and allergies.

Sacha InChI Dosage Forms
Sacha InChI can be purchased in different dosage forms. In particular, the Sacha InChI nuts are extremely popular, as they are a tasty and also healthy snack. Already 30 grams of seeds are sufficient daily to cover the daily needs of an adult with valuable fatty acids. The advantage is that they can be consumed almost everywhere and even in salads they are indispensable.

Sacha InChI is also available as a powder, which is a high-quality by-product of oil production. The protein content in the Sacha InChI powder is about 60 percent, thus providing essential amino acids that are of great importance for muscle building and cell growth.

Sacha InChI Oil is probably the most famous product of the Inca nut. But if you want to buy Sacha InChI oil, there are a few things to consider. In particular, the sustainability and quality must be respected. Above all, a bio-seal can be a clear buying-in here. This guarantees, firstly, that no chemicals or pesticides have been used in the plant and, on the other, that very strict controls are carried out.

So you can be quite sure to buy a high quality and pure Sacha InChI oil. However, since there are still very few Sacha InChI products to be found on the market, it is more sensible to pay attention to a product with Bio certification.

Furthermore, the purchase of Sacha InChI products should be paid attention to the prices. Very cheap products often promise a lot, but unfortunately also often have inferior quality.

Even the Sacha InChI purchase from the trader of his trust should therefore always be in the first place. Those who can be dazzled by offers do not usually save. A product from Peru is always preferable when buying Sacha InChI oil. These oils are usually labeled “from the Peruvian Andes” or “from Peru”.

Sacha InChI oil is excellent for body and mind. But also the beauty benefits from the valuable oil, which is full of antioxidants. In addition, the Sacha InChI oil is an important supplier of fatty acids, which is a great asset for vegans, because they often suffer from deficiency symptoms.

Sacha InChI is not only indispensable in the kitchen, it will also thank the body. Because the extraordinary oil supports the brain, it makes it more powerful and should also have a positive effect on ads and ADHD.

In addition, the oil can have a positive effect on cardiovascular health and is still an extra-class anti-aging oil. Small wrinkles are padded, the skin is refined and even in the case of allergies, eczema, psoriasis and neurodermatitis, the oil in alternative medicine is an insider’s tip.

Those who want to do something good for their health should not renounce the most valuable oil in the world, as it was awarded in the year 2004 and 2006.