What effects does Spirulina have on the human body
Algae are commonly known for their curative effects. Spirulina is a special algae product which can actually be used as an alternative remedy for some diseases. For one, Spirulina has a detoxifying and detoxified effect and can therefore be used well for suffering of the gastrointestinal tract, but also for liver pain and the like.

All toxins in the body are bound and leached and the functions of the intestine are regulated. The metabolism is also stimulated during this period. Also interesting is the effect of spirulina in allergies. No matter whether food allergies or hay fever and house dust allergies – they can be improved by taking Spirulina and in some cases even cured.

The effect of Spirulina in cancer treatment and precautions has been largely investigated and it has been found that the overall well-being can be improved by taking it. However, studies have also shown that this algae product can combat and prevent the growth of tumors.

Cancer patients are often weakened by chemotherapy and do not tolerate any further medications. It is worth noting that this algae product is also well tolerated by cancer patients. The ingestion can also strengthen the immune system and therefore can be used to better fend off viruses and bacteria.

This product is also effective for cardiovascular problems. Spirulina can reduce blood pressure and prevent deposits in the vessels. As a result, strokes and heart attacks can be prevented in the final effect. The healing effects of Spirulina are found in the many healthy ingredients. For example, Spirulina can be found in:
Healthy Fats

This algae product is great for supporting a diet. On the one, intestinal activity is stimulated and regulated, but blood glucose and cholesterol levels can also be severely reduced. The proteins and carbohydrates are also important in a diet, because this does not result in cravings.

They have a filling effect and you can also avoid deficiency symptoms. The protein is especially important when you are holding on to a strict plant diet and do not eat meat, fish and the like. During a diet, one often lacks the energy, but by taking Spirulina, the performance can be improved so that one can, for example, exercise sports and thereby decreases even more.

The application is risk-free since no sustainable side effects have been known. Usually this product is well tolerated, although it can occur in the detoxification phase from time to time, diarrhea and Übelkeift. However, these symptoms do not last long and in a few days you will feel better.

It is therefore advisable to start with a smaller dosage and then slowly increase it. Some patients also report an exceptionally deep sleep, with vivid dreams during the initial ingestion of the product.
Scientific studies on the effect of Spirulina as a remedy.

There are many scientific studies that deal with the effect of spirulina. It was found that these algae can actually be used as a cure for various diseases. In the algae itself there are ingredients that are disease-fighting and increase the production of antibodies.

A study that is very interesting here comes from the Osaka Medical Center for Cancer. Here it was found that the production of macrophages increased significantly by taking Spirulina. Macrophages are also known as feeding cells. These feeding cells are necessary for the control of various infections.

But also the infection with viruses is prevented by taking Spirulina. This is due to the potassium and other ingredients of spirulina. These prevent the viruses from spreading in the body and penetrating into healthy cells. This can prevent herpes viruses, influenza viruses, mumps and measles and many other viruses.

A study that comes from Harvard in Boston Massachusetts even deals with the issue of HIV and the positive effect of spirulina on this virus. This study is very surprising because it found that the Spirulina is preventing HIV viruses from multiplying in the cells. Even small amounts of algae extract made a big difference in the number of viruses.

As a result, the scientists came to the conclusion that Spirulina is in any case a virus-fighting agent, but that it still needs to be investigated further in other studies.
Other studies confirm these results, because in another study some HIV patients were treated with Spirulina and the number of viruses in the blood did not increase, but the state of health improved.

If this algae product is taken for a long time, even a drastic decrease in the amount of viruses can be noticed. If you are looking for further studies in this direction, you will find here online without any further information. The study of the Rega Institute for Medical Research in Belgium is also interesting.

This deals with the various viruses such as herpes and AIDS. Research with this topic is certainly not yet in the end and one will certainly be able to read some of these diseases online.

So many suffer from which a large number of people suffer, but can also be treated with Spirulina. For example, scientists found out that Spirulina is very effective in allergies. Spirulina can be used very well, especially in the case of inflammation of the nasal septum. But also hay fever, food allergies and the like can be treated very well with this algae product.

Allergic reactions can be reduced, so it was often possible for patients to discontinue the regular medications.
Diabetes is another problem that affects many people nowadays. Here, too, there are very interesting studies that have shown that a small dose of Spirulina can be taken at high blood glucose levels and that it is successfully lowered.

Not only is the blood glucose lowered, but also regulated, which for many people means an improvement in the quality of life.
Spirulina is recommended even for the appearance, because the cells are regenerated. Also, red blood cells of chlorophyll, which is contained in Spirulina, stimulates why Spirulina is suitable for internal and external application. Wrinkles are smoothed and pores are reduced by the application. The aging process can be slowed down, which is why Spirulina is an excellent anti-aging product.

Online you can find the most diverse scientific studies by researching the Spirulina topic online. There are also interesting articles and treatises in medical magazines. Interesting are also the testimonials of real customers who have tried Spirulina and are talking about strengthening the performance, improving the memory and the like.

In addition, Spirulina can be used preventively against depression and as a mood. This is why it is definitely worthwhile to try Spirulina yourself.
Some more tips and information about Spirulina
 Spirulina algae are bred

The Spirulina algae usually come from a breeding, so you do not have to worry that you can mitaufnimmt the harmful environmental toxins here. Because the algae helps with many diseases and especially in the detoxification – but what makes them for humans also makes them for the environment, because it converts the environmental toxin. Therefore, it is always important to know where it comes from when buying algae, no matter what form.

Spirulina Powder – purer is hardly possible
One can be very sure, because the Spirulina powder is the algae in pure. Here the algae is only dried and then rubbed. There are no other ingredients. However, you have to look at how to take them. For one, you can sprinkle the powder over a food, stir in drinks or simply take it pure – unless you are afraid of the taste. How high The daily dose is – the same applies here, as with the tablets, it depends on what the powder is to be used for.