Where can I buy spirulina?
There are many ways to buy spirulina – on the one there are the algae in reform houses or also natural food stores. The easiest way, however, is to be on the Internet, here you can compare the different providers and also pay special attention to the ingredients. This is especially important for vegetarians and vegans, so that no animal ingredients have been processed.

Those who buy Spirulina will find that they can choose among different products. You can buy the tablets or presses, get Spirulina in capsule form or opt for the powder. All preparations have their advantages. For example, the capsules are easier for some people to swallow and have no bad aftertaste. However, it is worth mentioning that some of them use animal fats and products as lubricants.

If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you should first determine exactly what content is in the capsule and what is used as a lubricant.
In general, the capsules and tablets are easy to take. You don’t have to think about the dosage here, but you can simply follow the package leaflet.

However, it may be necessary to take a larger amount of spirulina for some of the ailments, which is why it is essential to consult a doctor or a naturopath.

If you want to dose your dose individually, you should buy the Spirulina powder. This is recommended if you want to start with a smaller dose for detoxification and then increase the dosage. You can easily mix the powder into drinks or smoothies or simply sprinkle over certain foods. More information about dosage and ingestion can be found online here.

In any case, Spirulina is very well suited as a dietary supplement and is particularly advisable in the case of dietetics. Those who do not eat much protein in their food can get this ingredient by taking Spirulina. So you can avoid deficiency symptoms.

Also, by taking the most important vitamins and minerals will be added to the body, which are necessary for a healthy weight loss. This can also prevent cravings, because Spirulina is filling and also stimulates digestion.

If you want to try the healing effects of Spirulina yourself, you will certainly not be disappointed. First of all, the detoxification takes place. All the toxins are washed out of the body. Detoxification can sometimes lead to Übelkeift and diarrhea, but this only takes a few days.

After that, the well-being will improve and you will notice that the power and concentration are improving. The immune system is strengthened so that you are not so susceptible to infectious diseases. Especially in winter this is important, because it is possible to avoid flu viruses and colds very well.

Of course, Spirulina should not be taken as a long-term product, but more as a cure. Recommended running times are from one to three months. If you want to take spirulina longer, you should discuss this with a doctor. Due to the high content of protein in the algae, ingestion is mainly recommended for people who base their diet on plants or rarely ingest protein-rich foods.

If you eat a lot of fish and meat, spirulina should only take in the small snacks and not the main meals, as too much protein is not good for the body. Otherwise, taking this algae product is absolutely safe and risk-free. If you want to do your health a favor, you should definitely try Spirulina.