Stevia as an effective remedy
It’s interesting how stevia is used. First of course one should know that stevia is much sweeter than sugar. Therefore, only small amounts of the stevia leaves are necessary to sweeten food and drinks. Those who buy a package of dried stevia leaves will have a long time because the broth can be made from the stevia plant with a few leaves. The sweetening of stevia is 300 times higher than sugar, but has almost no calories at all.

This is not only beneficial for the figure and therefore very popular with people who hold a diet, but also diabetics know stevia as a sugar substitute estimate. Another advantage of stevia is that this natural sweetener not only acts gently on the teeth, but also acts as a cure for dental and gum problems.

Thus, the use of stevia can be used to combat caries. In some countries, therefore, stevia is also used as a tooth cleaner and mouthwash. Those who use stevia can not only prevent caries, but also inhibit and reduce plaque, avoid bleeding gums and even successfully treat inflammation in the mouth and throat.

Stevia is an effective remedy when it comes to health in the mouth and teeth.
This is of course not the only advantage that stevia has as a medicinal plant. Also worth mentioning is the effect as a means against digestive problems. Intestinal activity is stimulated and regulated by the consumption of stevia.

Stevia also reduces blood pressure and lowers cholesterol levels. Therefore, stevia is particularly recommended for people with diabetes and cardiovascular ailments.

The lore of the natural peoples who have been using stevia for centuries also shows that Stevia is also effective in the treatment of wounds, insect bites and inflammation of all kinds. Also, stevia can treat skin diseases and fungi.

The ingredients of stevia should be examined a little more closely. Amazing is that stevia contains vitamin C. But not only vitamins are contained in the leaves of this plant, but also healthy oils and other ingredients, such as chlorophyll. Important ingredients of the stevia plant are, for example:
Rebaudioside A
Rebaudioside C
Vitamin A
Vitamin B1
Vitamin C
Of course, these are just some of the ingredients that are effective in stevia. So far, more than 100 plant ingredients have been found in the stevia plant. Here, the combination of active ingredients that make up the healing effect of stevia is important.