Yacon – The Healthy sweetener
Yacon, also called the Inca root, is not too well known in Germany. Nevertheless, this extraordinary plant has a lot of advantages. For one, it is the healthiest sweetener at all and on the other it can score with valuable ingredients.

Besides, it can not only lower blood pressure, but also positively influence the liver and even support it during weight-taking. The plant itself has been around for many hundreds of years and is very popular in the Peruvian plateau, where it comes from. It uses not only the root, but also the foliage.

Origin of Yacon
Yacon comes from the Peruvian plateau and is a very valuable food. The roots, which are about 25 cm long and 10 cm wide, are eaten raw or cooked.

The plant itself can reach a height of about 3 meters and thrives in altitudes between 1000 and 3500 meters excellent. In Germany it can also be cultivated, however it is not hardy and should therefore only be grown as a bucket plant.

The fruit flesh of the Inca root is sweet, juicy and tastes honey, molasses and caramel. The root tuber is often referred to as the ground apple and is one of the most important food in Peru. If the sweetness is extracted from the root, it creates a very healthy sugar substitute, which is also known in this country. The foliage, on the other hand, is usually used for cholesterol-lowering infusions or tablets. Also tea and syrup is made from Yukon.

Studies on Yacon

Many studies have already been carried out on Yacon worldwide, which have consistently achieved positive results.

For example, it could be demonstrated that Yacon can support weight reduction. In a scientific study, women with a body mass index (BMI) of 34 could lower them to 28 within three months. However, it was also found that the sober insulin level dropped by more Al 40 percent and the cholesterol level was reduced by nearly 30 percent.

Furthermore, a study from the year 2015 showed that tea from Yacon leaves has a strong antioxidant effect. The study from Japan sees the Yacon tea as a natural source of free radicals.
For example, a research work carried out on rats could also prove that Yacon can reduce blood sugar.

It was also found that the insulin-resistant condition of the liver is due
The fact that Yacon is mainly based on intestinal health has long been known in the Peruvian plateau. But this could also be demonstrated in scientific studies.

In the year 2015, researchers from Brazil proved that Yacon is a probate and natural remedy for constipation in order to solve them. The intestinal activity is stimulated and the constipation thus eliminated.
There are still many more scientific studies on Yacon. A lot of this is published on this page in English.

Those who want to do good for their health should not renounce the Yacon root. For one thing, it is excellent for weight reduction and on the other it is also suitable for diabetics, due to the low glycemic value. It also keeps the liver healthy, can strengthen the cardiovascular system and also stimulate the immune system.

Furthermore, the Inca root, through the excellent ingredients, can regulate blood pressure, cholesterol as well as blood sugar levels, which can thus protect against atherosclerosis and other diseases.
Even before cancer, the extraordinary ingredients are to be protected, as they may have an anticarcinogenic trait and can also inhibit the growth of tumors.

Another important aspect of Yacon is the antioxidant effect of the root, which is not only very important in cancer. The free radicals can thus be effectively combated, which in turn benefits the skin. This is because premature skin ageing can be significantly slowed down.
Yacon is therefore not only a great helper for reducing weight, but also for skin and body an important food that can promote healthy posture.