Dosage form of Yacon
The Inca root is used as a syrup, which is intended for the sweetness of food, as capsules, as tea as well as as powder and as root itself. In particular, the syrup and the powder are excellent to sweeten pastries, tea or other drinks and food. The capsules and the tea, on the other hand, are usually consumed in case of discomfort or weight reduction.

Dosage of Yacon
Depending on the dosage form, there are different dosage specifications. Of course the package leaflet should always be observed. However, first consumption should be started with a low dose, as the Yacon root stimulates digestion. If it is dosed too high at the beginning, diarrhea can be a consequence. The dose should be increased slowly until the recommended amount is reached.

To remove, the syrup is very good. The maximum dose is 5 teaspoons per day. Starting with a teaspoon each one hour before meals. After a few days, the dose can be increased to 2 and then to 3. However, more than 5 teaspoons should not be consumed.

In addition, the syrup is also excellent for sweetening food. It is possible to heat the syrup, but this is not recommended. Over 120 degrees, the structure of FOS could be broken. It is better to add the syrup after cooking or baking the food.
Capsules are usually taken twice a day, before meals, with sufficient liquid.

To combat adjuvant diabetes, for example, 300 grams of fresh Yacon root can be consumed. These are about 65 grams of fructose. Here too, of course, a small quantity should be started.

The fresh Inca root can also be eaten raw or cooked. For raw consumption, it naturally has a more intense effect on the body, as all important ingredients are still present. To consume the raw Yacon root, the outer brown as well as the inner white skin is peeled.

The yellowish pulp can then be consumed in chunks cut. It is very well suited to fruit salads, smoothies or even daily cereals.
Moreover, when finely rubbed and sifted through a cloth, the root can be enjoyed as a delicious refreshment drink. Enriched with a little mint in the summer, it is such an excellent thirst quencher.