Yacon (smallanthus sonchifolius) is an healthy plant which the leaves and root extracts have been used in folk medicine for many thousands of years as a food, medicine and alternative health care.

The Inca root is used by the local population above all as food. However, even in case of discomfort with the intestine, pain in lower right abdomen, stomach cramps after eating, liver or even the skin, Yacon is used as a home remedy and now, the root is becoming more popular in complementary and alternative medicine

Yacon to help with weight-Loss
One of the natural ways to loose belly fats and reduce weight with home remedy for both men and women is to be taken yacon root extracts.

This is not another myth about getting flat stomach in 2 weeks without exercising since there are Many studies that already found that, the Yacon root has organic weight loss supplements and there are testimonials supporting this claim without patients taking diet and fat burning pills as support.

This is mainly due to the oligofructose, Fructooligosaccharides (FOS), which help to correct irregular bowel movements, inhibit weight gain by increasing the frequency of the bowel movements naturally and make you have the feeling of saturation. Yacon is one of the foods that make you poop immediately when you’re constipated.

In addition, fatty acids are produced in the digestion of the short chain fructooligosaccharides and they’re absorbed from the small intestines in which this fructose absorption facilitate diffusion in the body and the intestines and intestinal function become stimulated.

For this reason, if you’re taking the yacon powder or syrup, you should start with low dosage, so that the yacon root does not have a “quick noticeable effect”. Due to the digestion of the Fructooligosaccharide, you’ll be able to suppress appetite and lose weight naturally since the hunger hormones, leptin and ghrelin would be reduced. Ginger, coffee and fiber-rich foods can also work in this regards.

Yacon for digestion
As already described, the Fructooligosaccharide help in improving weak digestion and speeding up metabolism, making yacon one of the fav foods that help digestive system.
Since the FOS as well as the Inulin can not be digested in the Yacon root, they contribute to an increase in the good bacteria in the intestine.

In addition, if you want to improve the absorption of vitamins and minerals in the digestive system, the ingredients of the Yacon root help to better absorb vitamin supplements and nutrients from other foods, which also contributes to a healthy intestinal flora.

Thus, not only the nutrients can improve the microflora of the body, but the feeling of satiety is quicker and, despite less caloric intake, the body is optimally supplied with numerous nutrients. Also, If you don’t know what to eat when you’re bloated and gassy, you can yacon syrup to reduce the bloating quickly.

The Yacon root is used mainly in bloating, as home remedy for immediate
constipation relief as well as treatment for gastrointestinal tract problems and can provide good service here. Symptoms can also be reduced in the case of gastric ulcers and colon cancer.

Yacon with too high blood pressure
The ingredients of the Yacon root can not only have a high potassium content, but also other substances that can improve and keep heart and heart muscles healthy and strong naturally for better cardiovascular fitness.

Potassium in particular is an important ingredient that acts as a vasodilator in the body. This means that the blood vessels are relaxed and thus, the cardiovascular system can be significantly relieved and strengthened.

You’ll not only increase the oxygen supply in the blood from low level naturally with yacon supplements, but also, in combination with sodium, it regulates the water balance in the cells.

This means that, if there’s a problem of atherosclerosis, the blood pressure is regulated and thus the risk of stroke or heart attacks can be reduced. This is good for the elderly.

Yacon against too high blood glucose level
The yacon root is very well suited for diabetics and is also used in folk medicine against diabetes. This is due to the low glycemic value, because the Fructooligosaccharide cannot be absorbed by the body. Instead, they are used to reduce the production of glucose in the liver, which means that the blood sugar can be reduced.

In addition, scientific studies have also shown that the insulin sensitivity of the body is significantly increased and that insulin resistance can be reduced.

Yacon at too high cholesterol level
If you’ve been told you have much bad cholesterol and you’re thinking of what food to eat to lower cholesterol naturally, it’s good to know that scientific studies have demonstrated that the Yacon root contributes to lowering LDL cholesterol level in the body fast without medication.

However, the good HDL value is not affected. Because only if the two values are in good balance, it is good and healthy. In this way, FOS helps to reduce the accumulation of bad cholesterol and also to reduce the fat levels in the blood. Thus, numerous heart diseases as well as blood vessel diseases can be avoided.

Yacon for the liver
Yacon is also very healthy for the liver, since glucose, in the form of glycogen, is stored in the liver. However, the liver is quickly overwhelmed when too much of it is absorbed, and must then convert it into free fatty acids, which are also stored in the liver and can contribute to insulin resistance in diabetics.

In the reverse, however, this also means that the liver is greased, which causes a fatty. If the Yacon root is combined with the Lady Thistle (Silybum marianum or milk thistle), as has been proven in studies, liver fats can be prevented and insulin resistance can be reversed.

Yacon Against Cancer
In many scientific studies that have targeted the yacon root, it has shown that it is one of the best cancer fighting foods since the ingredients of Yacon not only slow down the growth and spreading of cancer cell naturally but can also prevent the proliferation of cancer cells, making it a super food for cancer patients.

Yacon can also starve and promote early cancer cell death, which means that cancer cells die. In particular, the Fructooligosaccharide as well as the Inulin are the decisive aspects, since they support the healthy functioning of the intestines, through their indigestibleness. They also have anti-carcinogenic properties and can thus be used in support of cancers.