Effect Yam
Although the yam is known as a female root, it can be even more. This great tuber can also be used for further complaints. This would include, for example, osteoporosis, depression and prostate disorders (see www.operation.de For more information on these complaints).

However, and then it must be clearly mentioned, the yam is mainly a root with hormonal effect. Nevertheless, it is healthy and can of course be consumed by men without harming them in any way.

By the content of Diosgenin, which is a precursor of progesterone, it can mimic estrogen. The Diosgenin is thus not converted from the body, but supports the Progesteronhaushalt only by mimicking the estrogen and thus preventing a Progesteronmangel, as well as an estrogen dominance. These can cause not only mood swings, but also increased irritability as well as a reduction in libido and further discomfort. Usually these complaints are known by the PMS (premenstrual syndrome) as well as by the menopause. Thus the yam can work here supportive. However, it is often used for contraception, as it does not disturb the natural cycle in any way.

Yam at PMS
The Diosgenin can be used to support the premenstrual syndrome and relieve discomfort such as cross pain, mood swings or even whining. The resulting Progesteronmangel can be significantly influenced by the ingredient.

Relieve the Yam menopause complaints
Menopause complaints are different for each person. While some may only struggle with hot flashes, other women show the full range of depression, hot flashes, weight gain and other ailments. To counteract this, the yam can be an important helper. Because it is precisely when the relationship between estrogen and progesterone is no longer correct, the complaints occur.

In the menopause, the production of the female estrogen is preserved for the time being, but the production of progesterone in the ovaries decreases. So there is an imbalance in what causes the discomfort. To counteract this hormonal change and also to relieve you of physical and mental discomfort, it is advisable to eat the yam.

Thus, sleep disturbances, mood swings, vaginal dryness and cycle disturbances can be countered and the symptoms are alleviated. But osteoporosis can also be prevented with the yam.
Our recommendation
Yam against Osteoporosis
Especially in the USA, the yam aroused great stir. For a long time, a doctor pointed out that a declining progesterone and not the lack of estrogen can trigger osteoporosis. This also spoke for his treatment successes with one hundred patients. He recommended to his patients that the synthetic hormone preparations should be deposed and that a cream of yam be used for three years. Of these women there were already many in different distinct osteoporosis stages.

The result for Dr. Lee was not surprising. For one, none of the patients lost weight and on the other, the bone density was not only preserved, but could be significantly increased. Bone fractures thus remained, as well as the pain that occurs in osteoporosis.

Other women doctors, the patients with the yam treated, also found that the bone density could be increased up to 25 percent. Especially in patients who had a very low bone density, this could be dramatically increased. The advantage of this is, of course, that a therapy with the yam has no side effects.

Prevent with the Yam
The yam can do much more, especially the variety Mexican wild yam (Dioscorea villosa). Because it is also a very good contraceptive and more and more women are swearing on it. This is due to the extraordinary hormonal effect of the root tuber. As experts assume, an insurmountable slime film is formed that prevents sperm from penetrating to the Befruchtungsort.

The aim is to provide an average contraceptive safety of 97 percent if the yam capsule is taken daily, without a break. However, it takes a few weeks before a Dauerfilm has produced, which can then also prevent. In contrast to the control, the cycle with yam preparations is not manipulated and there are no side effects or concomitant symptoms associated with it.

Yam for prostate Disorders
The Mexican wild yam can also help with prostate problems. This is to be able to influence the body positively. The herbal hormone Diosgenin, which corresponds to progesterone, is again responsible for this. Especially for healthy prostate, the interaction of testosterone, estrogen and progesterone is particularly important.

Since it also occurs in males to menopause (Andropause), the hormone levels are also discarded here and there is an imbalance of hormones. This may cause the prostate to increase. If yam capsules are taken, they can be counteracted. When buying yam preparations, however, care should be taken that they contain pure yam extract.

Studies on Yam
There are already numerous scientific studies on yam, which prove that the root tuber can support women in many ailments. What is novel, however, is that the yam can also be said to have positive properties in breast cancer
. There are already some studies on this, but they are far from meaningful and will continue to follow.
Furthermore, a study was conducted with rats, which showed that the bone density could be significantly improved and that yam can counteract osteoporosis
In a study from the year 2005, 24 healthy women in menopause should consume 390 grams of yam each.
After 30 days it was found that the sex hormones were improved as well as the lipids and antioxidants. Thus, it is concluded that the risk of breast cancer or cardiovascular disease in women after menopause can be significantly reduced.
However, a survey by the Research Foundation for Health Foundation, which was sent to 1500 users of the Mexican wild Yam, also provided information about its efficacy. In total, 496 women were given information. 141 women use the yam for contraception, 221 during menopause, 64 due to PMS and 73 use the root tuber because of other reasons. It was also found that only 15 women of 141 were pregnant. However, these 15 women were pregnant because they had forgotten to take the capsules or due to a wrong dosage.

The longer the time taken by Mexican wild Yam, the safer it seems to be the effect. However, the intake in the first 12 weeks must be combined with other contraceptive methods, since only afterwards the cervical is fully trained.