Millions of people are suffering from severe pain, and searching for new treatment techniques for chronic pain or better way to reduce the pain and discomfort it brings.

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While there are different types of pain and causes, the discomfort experienced by everyone is almost the same.


How Chronic Pain affects your life

When one is experiencing chronic pain, it will affect the quality of one’s daily physical activities.

Even oxygen saturation and possibly blood pressure if the chronic pain is not well managed.

Starting from carrying out their daily activities to work, travel, exercise and sleep everything gets messed up due to the pain.

To get relief from this serious pain, it’s important to see advanced pain management doctors.

They would help with pain killer drugs, alternative pain management techniques like- using cognitive behavioral approaches to reducing chronic pain if you don’t want medications.

There are also psychological approaches, whereby mind assessment would be done and psychological pain management techniques would be used towards faster recovery from chronic pain.

This holistic approach is now preferred by many suffering from serious pain, either at joint, neck, or back.

You can just search for pain management centers near you in various parts of your country.


What you get from Advanced Pain Management Clinic

In most times, your doctor would need to transfer you to an advanced pain management center to help you treat acute pain.

In a pain management clinic, there are specialists who will carry out several tests in order to find the best approach that fits individual.

In there, the origin of the acute pain will be first diagnosed and the whole treatment will depend on the findings from the diagnosis.

Several tests would also be conducted during your visits to the clinic; urine drug test among others.

For the pain experienced in any particular region, let’s say chest, back, neck, jaw, arm, abdomen etc, there will be specialized treatment provided only for that specific region.

There are other types of treatments where the entire body will be concentrated. All this depends on the type of pain one experiences.


Who is involved in Advanced Pain Management 

In the pain management centers, there will be doctors and physicians to figure out the region of ache and the source of the pain.

They will deal with the diagnosis and the treatment plan. There will be nurses to assist them.

Apart from these, there will also be therapists who will assist the patients to cope up with the pain and the treatment.

There will also be psychologists in the centers who would assist with evidence based treatment for chronic pain control and mental adjustment from the worries felt as a result of the pain and discomfort experienced.

Along with them, there will be dieticians in the clinic, who will come up with anti-inflammatory diet plan for the chronic pain, educating you on the foods that could trigger more pain.

Dietitians will also assist in the control of sugar intake according to the type of treatment plan and according to the pain level.


The Treatment given in Advanced Pain Management Centers 

What you should expect from advanced pain management doctors are series of test, therapies and other forms of medications.

This will start with a physical examination and might lead to several types of scans depending on the area of the pain.

Depending on the result of the diagnosis, the treatment will vary. The usual treatments to manage the pain will include therapy sessions for physical as well as psychological wellbeing.

There will be massages given based on the region of the pain so as to minimize the effect.

There will also be acupuncture added to the treatment. In some cases, even water therapy is given.

To give the patients an overall relief, mediation sessions are conducted all throughout the treatment.


The result you get from Acute Pain management centers

By the end of the treatment, the pain experienced by the patient will be eliminated and the person will be free to carry on with their normal routine.

The number of sessions to achieve this will slightly vary depending on the intensity and the cause of the pain.

The Centres Available

In case you are experiencing such chronic pain which is affecting your everyday life, then try contacting a local hospital or any medical center to know about the advanced pain management centers near your place.

For example in US and depending on your state and city,  you can walk into these hospitals

  • Barnes Jewish hospital in St. Louis, Missouri
  • Elliot hospital in Manchester, New Hampshire
  • Brigham and women’s hospital in Boston, Massachusetts
  • University of Utah in Salt Lake City,  Utah
  • Washington University hospital and others

Alternatively, it can be found out by seeking help from the pain support groups in your locality.

When choosing the clinic, it is ideal to go for a place which has specialists dedicated to pain management.

  • Make sure these doctors come with certifications in their respective fields.
  • Choose a center which includes therapy as well as counseling in their treatment plan.
  • Also, talk with them to ensure they have a timeline planned out with the defined end goal.

Other important things to find out before starting your treatment are..

  • If the pain management center/doctors accept Medicaid
  • If it’s top rated, have low cost treatment,  accept self pay, cash only or not.
  • Are they prescribing narcotics, their forms of medications and many other things you may want to know.