Causes, symptoms of allergies and asthma and how best to prevent it

Increasing environmental air pollution is coming with a noticeable increasing incidence of Asthma, especially on children.

Asthma is a disease involving the respiratory system obstructing the airways.

During an acute attack of asthma, the circular muscles surrounding the breathing tubes that form our airways( called the bronchi) go into spasm impending especially the passage of air starvation.

One is surrounded by so much air, the patient finds it difficult to get enough.

Also at this same time, there is increased secretion of mucus by the inner lining of the bronchial tubes, adding to the obstruction of the airways.

Causes, symptoms of allergies and asthma and how best to prevent it

Symptoms of Asthma

The commonest complaint during an acute attack of asthma is that of an inability to breathe. Often, a sufferer could not get enough air down the lungs.

This is very incapacitating. Air is so abundant, yet so scarce. And this can occur within a short time, starting slowing but progressively worsening.

If it is not arrested promptly, it may lead to death. But an attack may also be self-limiting.

Other symptoms include wheezing ( a kind of whistling sound that may even be heard audibly when one comes close to an asthma patient during an attack.

Coughing and tightness in the chest are other common complaints. Most asthma patients are allergic to one thing or the other.

Most of these symptoms may also be seen with infection of the lower respiratory system.

Therefore, proper diagnosis needs to be made by a trained physician.


Causes of Asthma

In the early 1970s, scientists thought that the spasm of those circular bronchial muscles was the major underlying problem behind the symptoms since the spasms lead to the narrowing of the air passages.

This thinking informed by the first line of treatment, usually given to patients to relieve the spasm.

Years later, research began to show that a patient, to the major underlying problem was a chronic inflammatory change.

However, more recent research in the past has proven clearly that the main underlying problem in asthma (and indeed many chronic lung disorders) is oxidative stress, affecting the tissues of the respiratory system.


Environmental air pollution is one major reason for increased oxidative stress that’s now so prevalent in our modernized society.


Asthma and air pollution

From the foregoing, we can deduce that air pollution is one constant source of Oxidative Stress; and this is getting worse by the day. I fear especially for the future of children.

Especially because parents fortify them with junk food, fast activity noodles, all of which little or no antioxidant nutrients.

No thanks to the busy modern life and the school managers who encourage parents to stuff lunch boxes with junk and fast food in place of real nutrients rich food


Provoking Allergies

Denatured immune systems as a result of poor nutrition, air pollution lead to structural cell mutations in children that have been exposed to many free radicals in their lifetime.

Allergens find it so easy to trigger and sustain chronic inflammatory changes.

When you take good antioxidant nutrition, allergens would find it difficult to trigger asthma.

Allergens commonly associated with asthma include the following

Dust mites(found on beddings and carpets)

Animal dander (from domestic pets)

Others are feathers, chemicals, certain drugs, food additives, preservatives and colorants, fumes/smoke (tobacco and engine), mold, pollens from flowers, etc.

Also, activities like exercise, excessive laughing, anxiety, fear, temperature changes, poor ventilation, stress, low blood sugar, respiratory infections ( including systemic candidacies) and disorders of the adrenal organ can all provoke an attack of asthma.


What is now the way out?

I believe everyone is a stakeholder. You may say well, asthma does not run in my family.

Like I’ve said, intermarriages and cell mutations following poor nutrition may also position your posterity to become victims in the future.

We should all begin to speak out and let the people in the government see the need for preparation for the future.

At the personal level, let’s begin to feed the children better by finding time to attend to what they eat.

We should also seek to eat better ourselves. Nothing says asthma may not develop in later years.

And when we choose the more nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, especially eating them fresh and frequently, our children will emulate us and pass the gist down the line.

A person noticing some of the symptoms listed above should see their doctor immediately for proper assessment.

Let’s work towards a less polluted air. Recently, smoking in public places has been banned in the United Kingdom.

This is a sign that the message is getting to the right quarters. Air pollution is a war for all of us.

The air we breathe is everywhere and not regional or exclusive to a particular province and so, when the pollution comes, it will affect everyone; that’s the reason we need to tackle environmental problems collectively.