Effect of grape Seed extract
OPC has a diverse effect. Especially as an antioxidant, the grape seed extract protects our cells and can therefore also act against premature ageing. The grape seed extract is absorbed completely by the body within a few minutes. As a rule, it is absorbed by the mucous membrane in the mouth as well as in the gastrointestinal tract and can thus reach all organs and tissue components.

Approximately 45 minutes after ingestion, the extract can form its highest concentration and will remain in the blood for up to 72 hours.
Especially those who perform anti-aging treatments should not dispense with OPC. Because, as has been proven, the grape seed extract can even soften cell damage caused by electro smog.

Another advantage is also that the free radicals are extended to a maximum, since grape seed extract is fat and water soluble. Research has even demonstrated that OPC has a 50 stronger effect than vitamin E. In addition, OPC can extend the effect of other vitamins.

In addition, the grape seed extract has the following effect:
Extra-class anti-aging agent
Allergies can be reduced
Eye Health is supported
Blood vessels are protected
Cholesterol levels can be lowered with OPC
Hair becomes full again, glamorous and healthy
Heart is protected
can provide relief for varicose veins, oedemas and swelling
can help and support cancer
To prolong life
can provide relief for eczema
Nerves and brains are protected
Helps with PMS
Healing of wounds is supported
Anti-aging with grape seed extract

The OPC is already regarded as a miracle agent in the treatment against age and is considered an excellent wrinkle killer. This is because the potential in grape seed extract is about 20 times higher than for vitamin E, for example.

In addition, unstable collagen is repaired again and the skin enzymes are also encouraged. Thus, not only is a better protection against the harmful UV rays, but also the tension of the skin is increased. In addition, the blood vessels of the skin are supplied with nutrients and the skin cells are protected.

Treating allergies with grape seed extract
OPC is also a natural histamine and can thus absorb allergic reactions to the one and soften it to the other. Thus, in the taking of OCP capsules, certain enzymes can be activated, which have anti-inflammatory properties. This means that the allergic reactions can be mitigated in advance or do not arise at all.

Support eye Health with grape seed extract
The eyes also benefit from the ingestion of grape seed extract. It could be demonstrated that the strain on the eyes of people sitting in front of the computer can be reduced.

In addition, with OPC, the eyesight can be strengthened at night. Furthermore, it is used again and again by doctors, especially in the cataract or in the treatment of degeneration of the macula.

Support of blood vessels by grape seed extract
Especially the free radicals are not only a danger for the cells, but also for the blood vessels and the heart. They can also attack the cells and thus cause diseases of the cardiovascular system. It is now no longer a rarity that free radicals are involved in the following diseases:
Diabetes mellitus
High blood pressure
By taking grape seed extract this can be prevented and the elasticity of the blood vessels can also be increased. The blood vessels are kept at a minimum and cardiac cardiovascular can thus be reduced.

Grape seed extract can lower cholesterol levels
The effect of grape seed extract can also be seen in cholesterol levels. Some studies have shown that the taking of grape seed extract can have a positive effect on cholesterol levels.

With grape seed extract healthy, beautiful and full hair
Even in the case of hair health, the grape seed extract has proven itself. Because of the active ingredients, the hair is not only more beautiful and shiny, but it also grows faster.

In a study from Japan it has been shown that the cell proliferation of the hair follicles could be increased by taking grape seed extract to the 230fache. In addition, the hair cycle is also affected and growth is increased to a maximum, which causes the hair to grow faster and healthier.

Proceed with grape seed extract against swelling, varicose veins and edema
Straight varicose veins, edema or swelling may be associated with severe pain and unpleasant symptoms. To soften these, grape seed extract can be taken. It has also been shown that swelling can heal much faster after an operation, as the OCP can counteract a water accumulation in the tissue.

Grape seed extract can help support cancer
As studies have shown, OCP can inhibit the growth of tumor cells. It is assumed that, especially in the case of gastric, breast or prostate carcinoma, it could show an extraordinary effect. In the case of intestinal or lung cancer, the researchers also assume that the effect could be outstanding and that the tumors can be prevented from growing. However, there are still many studies to be done here.

Furthermore, grape seed extract can mitigate the side effects of chemotherapy. It was also found that although OCP attacks and kills the malignant cells, the healthy cells are supported.

Does the grape seed extract influence a longer life?
In many studies of rats, a life-extending effect could actually be found. However, these experiments were carried out only on rats and not on humans, and whether this is the case can not be said yet.

It is certain, however, that life can be extended in many ways and that everyone can contribute. For those who nourish themselves healthy and balanced and also take grape seed extract, one can fight the free radicals, protect the connective tissue and the cells and also use the positive effect on the heart and blood vessels.

Mild neurodermatitis with Grape seed extract
Especially with Neurodermatitis, the grape seed extract is used again and again. This is because it can be varied against the symptoms. For one, it affects the connective tissue and around others it has an immune system relieving effect.

In addition, the wound healing is supported by OPC. But in particular, the focus is on nutrition and plays a major role in Neurodermatitis. However, in order to treat neurodermatitis with grape seed extract, a little patience is required. After all, an effect, i.e. an improved skin, a decrease in symptoms and relief could only be achieved after a few months.
Protect nerves and brains with grape seed extract

Since grape seed extract can also pass the blood-brain barrier, it is therefore also used in the brain. Therefore, the researchers consider that OPC should also prove its worth in ads. Also, by passing this barrier, the brain can also be protected and the thought performance as well as mental ability will be increased.

Grape seed extract to alleviate PMS
Many women suffer from PMS, the premenstrual syndrome. As evidenced by studies, grape seed extract can significantly alleviate the symptoms. Why this is so, but has not yet been completed. Scientists assume that this is achieved by regulating and strengthening the immune system.

Better wound healing with grape seed extract
The advantage that the grape seed extract also strengthens the connective tissue, also promotes wound healing. Thus germs and bacteria can be killed by OPC and the damaged blood vessels can heal much faster. Even the regeneration process proceeds faster.