Benefits of Avocado Oil for Natural Skin and Hair treatment


Avocado oil for skin

The avocado oil is a very versatile product and it’s used for skin treatment.

While it can regenerate not only flaky, dry skin, but also scars can be treated with the precious oil.

If you start at an early stage to begin to massage the avocado oil on scars, it will help you a lot to quickly heal wound, fade out scar as the scars would be nearly invisible. At the same time, it keeps your skin soft and supple.

Even if avocado oil is for dry to very dry skin, it can be applied by people with combination skin or normal skin.

This should be done but not too often, better you do it sporadically.

The avocado oil is applied more often, specially in the summer, when the skin is stretched by the Sun.

Avocado oil helps the skin elasticity, provides them with important substances, and also ensures that the appearance of the skin is refined.

In addition, it has an anti-inflammatory effect and makes the skin soft and shine.

Among other things, the existing biotin is responsible for this, because it effectively protects the skin against environmental influences.

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It is also responsible to reduce the small wrinkles on the skin because the skin can absorb more moisture.

If you want to do good to yourself and make it effective, you should apply the avocado oil every two to three weeks as a face mask.

It is easy to use and the ingredients are not strange in every home.

Unsaturated fatty acids and the vitamins and nutrients provide the skin with moisture and vitality.


How to use avocado oil for your natural skin and hair treatment

Avocado Oil-Quark mask

A quick and easy face mask is the avocado oil-Quark mask. This can be produced within a few minutes and costs only a few cents.

You need a spoonful of cottage cheese and avocado oil. The two ingredients are well mixed and applied on the face.

The eyes and mouth should be avoided. After about 15 minutes you’ve applied the mask, you should wash off again with a soft cloth and warm water.

After the first use, one can notice the skin is tender and soft, and plumped up again.

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Avocado for Skin Cleaning

You should be applying it from time to time so that dead skin cells don’t burden the skin.

The fast peeling requires only about one tablespoon of avocado oil and sugar.

Put the sugar on your palm, pour the whole avocado oil over and everything on the face skin and massage.

Again, avoid the eye and mouth area. Use a soft cloth and warm water to rinse.

This can be applied as well for the face, hands, feet or even elbows.

It’s helpful in providing the skin with important substances to get rid of the dead skin cells and to make them soft and supple.


Avocado Oil for Hair

The avocado oil is not only good for the skin but also the hair.

The fountain of youth is achievable with regular and proper use of avocado extracts especially the oil that we’re talking about.

You can maintain healthy hair with avocado oil and you can improve on hair that’s coarse, dry and brittle, with split ends.

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The high fat content and the valuable fatty acids help making the hair shine and correct split ends.

There are numerous products that are enriched with avocado oil in food and health stores. 


Avocado-Olive Oil Hair treatment

For an avocado-Olive Oil hair treatment, only two tablespoons of avocado oil are mixed together with olive oil and Sunflower Oil.

If you like, you can add lemon for a ‘touch’ of cure. This blend of different oils is now applied and massaged into the hair and the scalp; and soak for 30 minutes.

The hair treatment can be rinsed with warm water again. If you like, you can use a shampoo but you should rely on a mild shampoo without silicone.


Tip: If you need an intensive treatment for your hair and scalp, you should allow pure avocado oil in your hair overnight and wash off in the morning with a mild shampoo.

The avocado olive oil hair treatment protects the hair from drying out by moisturizing it so that there would be no scales in the scalp.

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