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A physical disorder called “Cerebral Palsy” (CP) is caused by brain dysfunctions.

It starts after a brain injury during parturition if the baby loses oxygen. Then, the mind becomes unable to fully control the body and muscles which lead to the development delay.

When the muscles lose the power, the body is unable to perform different moves.

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Forms of CP and their Symptoms 

Cerebral palsy symptoms can vary by intensity but it is not classified by stages. However, there are 3 to 4 main types of cerebral palsy.

We have the spastic, athetoid, ataxic CP and also the Mixed cerebral palsy. The spastic and the athetoid CP being common in all cases among others

In some mild cases, patients are just slightly affected by the disorder. Children living with mild cerebral palsy can move without assistance.

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For example, they can still walk without any need for wheelchairs, but their movements are weighted, and they can only make slow moves.

On the other hand, patients are almost totally paralyzed in worst cases.

They can not move legs and arms and depend only on the wheelchair for mobility.


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How can it be Managed ?

Some therapies can help in improving their health conditions though, but they have to be prescribed by medical specialists in order to have optimal effects.

A poor therapy can make the situation worse, so it is important to consult the right experts who have proven expertise in the field.

The absence of the therapy can increase the disorder symptoms, and it is often necessary to implement at least one type of therapy on a regular basis.

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Usually, those are different exercises that help muscles to overcome the problem and develop further despite the disorder.

The patients who avoid these therapies lose a chance to increasing activities of their muscles to making them stronger and more resistant to the disorder’s symptoms.

Cerebral palsy starts in early age during childhood. That period can be regarded as a beginning stage.

The disorder starts becoming noticed when a kid is still baby.

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Some of the main symptoms are low muscle tones, slow development, swallowing problems, typically use only one side of the body during that period.

Later, cerebral palsy becomes more obvious while symptoms become more visible.

In a situation where the brain is injured and couldn’t coordinate properly, the kids affected will have problem in communicating with others when he’s matured to do so and will not be able to walk normal, hold writing materials or do some other basic things.

There are also many other symptoms that are not as noticeable as those obvious ones, but the parents who notice something like this should consult a pediatrician as soon as possible.

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Quadriplegia is the most serious form of cerebral palsy when both arms and legs are affected by the disorder.

A face and a mouth can also be affected by this type of CP.

Diplegia is a form that affects the legs of the patient. The arms are only slightly affected by this type of the disorder.

And Hemiplegia affects only one side of a body when one leg and one arm is affected by the disorder.

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The body can be more or less affected depending on the type of brain injury.

Different parts of a brain control different parts of the body, so the intensity and size of the damaged area are very important.

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Forms of Cerebral Palsy in Children & How to Manage it

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