Salt therapy, also called saline therapy or halotherapy is the inhaling of dry aerosol directly into the respiratory system without going through digestion to improve health and mood.

Salt therapy is also used to treat skin infections and it can be set up in a room, where you sleep on your bed with clothes that expose the parts of the body that needed to be treated.

You can find such rooms as a part of different hotels that provide medical service to their guests.

But they are not fixed only there, and you can find specialized medical institutions with that opportunity as well as solo salt rooms.


Concerns about Salt Therapy 

There are still controversies on whether salt rooms or halotherapy has health advantages even though there are scientific evidences of the positive effects on health

Some still believe it’s another fad in the health care sector, and that you will lose your money and time if you visit them frequently.

On the other hand, some medical experts claimed salt room therapies are beneficial for those with breathing problems.

Salt therapy has been in practice for a long time.

The salt air was used hundred years ago to help patients with tuberculosis.

While the symptoms are improved, some subjects of the research were coughing more than before they had the therapy.

The medical experts who claimed this also propose those with asthma should buy an inhalator and avoid salt rooms because they felt that an inhalator provides a lot more benefits when compared to salt room in treating asthmatic patients.


Salt Therapy for illineses 

Salt room therapy is usually used to improve the respiratory system.

For example, it can be used to reduce inflammation, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD), bronchitis, bronchiectasis and also allergies in humans.

Saline therapy reduces the symptoms caused by those illnesses and the patients would be able to improve their health conditions.


Salt Therapy for Pregnant women 

For most medications, there’s always concern with pregnant women and nursing mothers.

However, for salt therapy, it is completely safe for women during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.


Salt Therapy for Smokers 

Halotherapy can also help smokers to improve their lungs by widening the airway and reducing inflammation and mucus, thereby smoker’s cough is reduced and their throat will be cleared.

Although some medical professionals believe that salt therapy is not for everyone and only those who want to improve respiratory related problems should go for it.

While patients affected with other illnesses should not expect any improvements in their health conditions.

Those experts believe that salt can have a beneficial influence on your nose, sinuses, throat, and lungs if you breathe dissolved salt within the air.

It would naturally come directly to your breathing system, making a positive influence on its functions.

Salt therapy is usually done every three weeks for several months which can be up to a year depending on the health issue in question and can not be harmful.

However, there’s concern that the sodium concentration in the body can be increased with this therapy and possible dangers such as hypertension and high blood pressure.

If probably you can not afford salt room therapy, spending some time once in few months near a sea coast and swimming in a sea will most likely improve your breathing conditions and a good option to take.

Some patients have improved their asthma this way, and it has other health benefits too.