Fall Car Care Tips to ensure you Drive Safely

Prevention is always cost-effective, safer, and better than cure.

Even though car accident is more common in the summer than in the winter, the cold season affects cars more than the warm season.

Before getting into the winter season, the fall is that time of the year you need to prepare your vehicle for safe driving and avert the risks.

In the fall, car owners need to be more conscious about their cars more than before.

During this period, leaves are clogged in the windshield, the bonnet, and can clog the drains.

Drivers may also battle with poor visibility, poor ventilation, drained battery, etc.

Remove Leaves from your Car regularly

In fall, drivers should remove leaves from their cars regularly, also in the windshield and the bonnet, where the windshield wipers are fixed.

Some drains can become clogged with leaves, and when water is dammed, it can slosh into the vehicle ventilation and get into the car as moist air through the fan or even seeps from the ventilation ducts into the footwell.

Car tips to drive safely in fall

Make sure the Windshield Wipers are Working

This season is characterized by rain and snow and that could result in poor visibility while driving, therefore, you need to make sure the windshield wipers are in good condition and can clear your windshield perfectly.

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You should also clean the wipers with water or shampoo, also brush them across the rubber strip.

An effective remedy against very stubborn dirt is undiluted antifreeze with a kitchen towel, with which the rubber strips are then rubbed off.

If the windshield wipers are not working effectively, there’s a need to replace them with a new one.

Check and clean your Car Battery

Dirt and moisture between the battery terminals can cause discharge in your battery.

The battery expert at Techpally, therefore, encourages cleaning the plastic housing and the battery terminals with an antistatic cloth and keeping them clean.

The pole terminals must be tight as well so that sufficient current can flow.

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If you would like your battery to be checked by an expert or the general maintenance of your cars, you can trust RepairSmith mobile car repair services, it’s one of the best in the US.

You don’t have to move your car to them as they would come to repair your car at your destination, and you can get their support through calls, text, online easily.

You may have to Change your Tires

In snow and slippery roads, cars need winter tires, therefore, you may need to remove the summer tires in fall.

Many car experts advise not using the summer tires in winter because of rain, snow which make the road to be slippery.

Turn on low beam headlights when driving through clouds of fog

Fall car care tips for safety

If drivers get into a light fog, the normal daytime running lights are usually no longer sufficient for good visibility.

You should turn on the low beam headlights instead. If you’re driving an automatic car, you should switch on the low beam headlights manually when driving through foggy clouds.

Fog lights are the right choice for very thick fog. The rear fog light may only be switched on when the visibility is less than 50 meters.

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Add fresh engine Oil

It is advisable to change the car engine oil at the beginning of every season. When your vehicles are not used for months, you should also change the engine oil to a fresh one.

Because over time, acids and other aggressive substances form in the oil when driving, which can damage the metal parts and seals in the engine control unit.


Starting from the fall is when you need to make sure every component of your car is working optimally.

This is to ensure you prevent any risk that may lead to disappointment on the road or an accident.

We’ve discussed some of the ways to prepare your car for the fall season and drive safely.

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