Which Style of Aquamarine Suits You?

Aquamarines are valuable, and they are cherished for their versatility as a gemstone. 

Not only is their colour a beautiful blue that would complement anyone, but their variety of size and style only makes them more appealing.

Before you decide on which aquamarine jewellery to buy, see which style of aquamarine suits you best.

Let’s go through some questions in your mind right now.

What would fit my skin?

This isn’t a question of the basic colour of your skin, this about what’s called the ‘undertone’ of your skin.

There are neutral undertones, warm undertones, and cool undertones.

It’s important to know the one you have because it affects what makeup and wears to use.

So also it affects your jewellery and your clothes, as well as your hair colour.

Knowing what kind of undertone you have will allow you to make more complementary fashion choices.

As you might have thought, your undertone is the colour that’s beneath your skin.

Have a look at the inner side of forearm and see if you can notice any suggestion of one of these colours: blue, red, and pink.

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If you notice something that you think matches these colours, then your undertone is a cool one.

This has no effect on the colour of your skin, remember, so don’t be tricked into thinking you can only have particular undertones if you have a certain skin colour.

If you didn’t see any blue, red, or pink, try looking for yellow or gold. Spotting hints of these hues means you have warm-toned skin.

If you observe colours from each category I’ve mentioned, then you’ve a neutral undertone.

The benefit of this is that it defines what types of jewellery will make you look great.

This helps in choosing aquamarine jewellery that’s best for you.

If you have a warm undertone, then yellow gold and rose gold jewelleries are the best fit for you.

In the words, if you have a cool undertone, you will be more suited to silver, white gold, and platinum.

If you’re lucky to have a neutral undertone, then any gemstone will be fit on you.

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What is Your Style?

Style is a personal thing, but it does matter when it comes to choosing out fine aquamarine jewellery.

If you have a hyper-feminine style and you want jewellery that matches that, then there are pieces of aquamarines that are good for you.

Consider something with aquamarines as an accent.

Antique Art Nouveau style jewellery is perfect for this as it has lots of curving shapes, making it soft and rounded.

Aquamarines and pearls are also a go-to for those who want the ‘refined lady’ aesthetic.

If your preferred look is more structural and architectural, then the sharp angles of Art Deco jewellery might be more to your taste.

Everything here is angles, angles, angles, which is great for those that want something that looks every bit as hard as it is.

These styles can be found in a lot of vintage aquamarine jewellery, particularly aquamarines with diamonds.

This kind of jewellery looks completely timeless, and matches every kind of outfit you could imagine using together!

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Maybe your style is in another dimension.

What if you prefer minimalism? You could be the kind of person who doesn’t like to wear jewellery at all, or only plain metal jewellery.

If this does sound like you, maybe smaller aquamarine jewellery could be a nice pop of faint colour to add to your look.

Small, aquamarine stud earrings, for example, add style and a surprising burst of colour in what could otherwise be a monochromatic look.

And now that all of that’s sorted, there’s only one question left.

Are You Ready to Try Aquamarine Jewellery?

Hopefully, you answered yes to the above, and your journey is ready to begin!

Consider your undertone to determine the best metal for you, and your own personal tastes to see what pieces you should try out, and remember to have fun with it.

P00The whole point of accessorising is to feel good, so make sure you wear what feels good on you. Good luck!

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