Schöllkrippen Herb has been known for many centuries and has already been mentioned by Maria Treben in her herbal books. Many also know it among the Gold-brim, the Eyewash, the wart herb or the herb and in the herbal books is often the speech of Hergott gnade, God’s gift, Marienkur or Dawn leaf.

The numerous names of the schöllkrippen herb can be said to indicate that the medicinal plant had a high reputation. But the Schöllkrippen Herb was quickly dismissed by the pharmaceutical industry as a poisonous weed, since it could diminish their profit.

For this reason, it is still difficult today to restore the bad reputation, although the medicinal plant has an excellent effect on warts and can be very helpful even in pain and cramps in the upper abdomen. Even in cancer, the schöllkrippen herb is supposed to relieve the discomfort, as has been demonstrated in a study. Therefore everyone should take a closer look at the herb and get to know the benefits.

Origin of Schöllkrippen Herb
The origin of the Schöllkrippen herb (Chelidonium majus) lies between central and northern Europe. It is present in almost all European countries and even grows in western Asia. The preferred places of the schöllkrippen herb are rubble and wall squares, creek and River runs as well as forest edges. This proves how flexible the herb is and that, it is as good as it is with poor soil conditions as well as with dryness.

The Schöllkrippen herb, also known as haddock, blooms from May to October. The name derivation of Haddock probably comes from chelidonium, since Chelidon is in Greek. In the autumn, the medicinal plants wither; Thus, the herb blooms all summer, no matter how dry the soil is. The plant is about 30 to 80 cm high and the leaves are similar to an oak leaf.

The feathered leaves are water-repellent due to a slight wax film. The plant belonging to the poppy plants closes the flowers in bad weather, while the herb pulls together and the stems lower.

The flowers of the medicinal plant are beautiful yellow, especially the stems as well as the root stock can have interesting properties. They make the plant hardy and ensure that it can survive for at least two years. The orange yellow viscous juice, which is present in the summer and in the winter in the roots and stems, is full of medicinal substances that make up the schöllkrippen herb.

The juice is bitter and spicy and its odor is not good to noses. Nature has made it so, because the juice can be quite toxic if too much of it is consumed. For this reason, they should not be treated in their own power. This is because the effect of the milk juice should not be underestimated. Blistering in the mouth, severe stomach aches, vomiting and diarrhea can be triggered by the juice of the schöllkrippen herb.

At the end of the summer, a few weeks before the swallows move to southern climes, the fruits of the herb open. Thus, from the pods of similar fruits, the small seeds fall out, on which one is still a small white “appendage”. These bodies, as they are called, attract ants as they are like grease and sugar-rich.

The ants transport the seeds into their house and feed on the soft shell. Everything that is not edible is transported out of the building again, which in turn explains why so much schöllkrippen herb grows on ant roads.

Ingredients of Schöllkrippen Herb
Schöllkrippen Herb has been a tried agent for centuries, that not only has a blood-purifying effect, but also supports the metabolism and cleans the liver when the roots are pickled in white wine. Schöllkrippen Herb tea was also used in the ears and Hildegard von Bingen already knew that she was preparing old fat and the juice of the schöllkrippen herb could help in ulcers.

The Schöllkrippen herb therefore has excellent ingredients that can be helpful in various ailments. In particular, alkaloids, i.e. organic compounds of secondary metabolism, are found in the Schöllkrippen herb. They affect both human and animal organisms. These are Chelidonine, Coptisine, Sanguinarine.

The following ingredients are also included in the medicinal plant:

  • Apple acid
  • Essential Oil
  • Berberine
  • Amber acid
  • Bitter substances
  • Chelidonic acid
  • Flavones
  • Glaucine
  • Glaucic acid
  • Glaucopicrine
  • Coffee acid Derivatives
  • Protopin
  • Spartein

The flavones, bitter substances and various alkaloids have a particular effect on bile and liver. Applied as tea, they can stimulate liver function, promote bile flow and even have a relaxing effect. The anti-viral effect has already had an infinite number of warts in folk medicine and even Karl the great could defeat a serious illness with schöllkrippen herb.

What many people do not know is that, in the controversial cancer agent Ukrain , Schöllkrippen Herb is included. This shows that it can actually help.In terms of efficacy, the quality of schöllkrippen herb is defined in the Pharmacopoeia europaea, i.e. in the European Pharmacopoeia. In all countries of the EU and Switzerland, the quality of the exported products from Europe and Switzerland is secured and regulated.

Schöllkrippen Herb and its effect
Schöllkrippen Herb is known mainly in Europe for its spasmodic effect. It is therefore used for the treatment of Cramps of the bile pathways and cramps in the gastrointestinal tract. A study proves that, it can have a cramping effect in the upper abdominal area.

The Schöllkrippen herb is also an excellent remedy for warts or chicken eyes. And as Maria Treben already notes, the herb can even relieve one from overexerted eye-strain, when one rubs a schöllkrippen herb leaf between the moistened fingers and rubs the juice on the closed eyes.

However, Schöllkrippen herb can be proven to help with cramped pain in the upper abdomen and stimulate bile juice production. But even with skin lesions, schöllkrippen herb can help, as many sufferers report. It is also suitable particularly for Ointments, creams and tinctures.

Furthermore, Schöllkrippen Herb has the following effect:
Antibacterial and fungicide
Soothing and relaxing
Pain-quenching and sweat-drifting
Menstrual problems
Cell growth retardant

However, only a few of the schöllkrippen Herb’s efficacy has been scientifically proven, as the plant still enjoys a bad reputation. This is also because the toxic ingredients, with improper use of the schöllkrippen herb, may deter the scientists. However, with a lot of medications, side effects may occur in the case of improper ingestion.

After all, there are almost 50,000 deaths a year, which died due to a wrong treatment or a false medication. And especially when a person has died from overdose of natural remedies, this will be very long read in the media!

Schöllkrippen Herb in pain and cramps in the upper abdomen in the case of pain and cramps in the gastrointestinal tract, schöllkrippen herb has long proven itself. The Above-ground parts of the schöllkrippen herb when it blooms in spring, dried and then can be used medically. The extract of the medicinal plant can then relax the bile pathways as well as the digestive organs.

This effect is mainly due to the high alkaloid percentage. In particular, Chelidonin and Coptisin are responsible for the loosening because they act on the innermost muscle layer. This means that the muscles are loosened and there is a loosening. Furthermore, the bile fluid is stimulated and the excretion in the liver is increased at the same time. For gentle pain relief, schöllkrippen herb is therefore a very effective remedy.

Schöllkrippen Herb in Warts
Schöllkrippen Herb has also been an important remedy for warts for a long time. Hildegard von Bingen swore on the herb and put it in benign skin growth, gall gallstone and Gall bladder infections. It was shown that, especially in warts on hands, feet, in the face as well as in the genital area, with Schöllkrippen herb, it is treatable.

To treat warts, the yellow plant juice is applied to the wart. By the alkaloids, which also have a virus-killing effect, the wart can be eliminated. Furthermore, the risk of infection from warts is minimised.

Schöllkrippen Herb in Cancer
According to various studies, Schöllkrippen herb can help to alleviate symptoms in cancer as well as improve the quality of life. But not all types of cancer. There are still not enough scientific studies of schöllkrippen herb treatment against cancer and it will take a while to do so.

In any case, it is of concern that the pharmaceutical industry will not be delighted if there is an agent here that grows at the edge of the roadside and does not provide the necessary profit. Therefore, it will be shown whether further studies are carried out or whether the Schöllkrippen herb is again classified as toxic and dangerous.

However, it was already used in the folklore against leukemia, since it is blood-forming. Very good successes are to have achieved here a cure with Schöllkrippen herb, elder and burning nettles. About 2 litres of this Mischtees are to be drunk daily.

Studies on Schöllkrippen Herb
Some studies have already been carried out on schöllkrippen herb. However, so far, only the excellent effect against cramps in the gastrointestinal area as well as the bile pathways could be clearly proven.

In a double blind study, the Schöllkrippen herb extract was tested. In patients with cramps in the upper abdominal area, the schöllkrippen Herb was able to make the victim experience quicker relief, as patients receiving a placebo.

Furthermore, various studies have shown that schöllkrippen herb can prevent metastasis. This was, for example, found in mice in this study. But even this study shows that Schöllkrippen herb could be a possibility of cancer therapy. Also this study shows that Schöllkrippen Herb might be eligible for treatment of leukemia.

Another attempt is also proving this, but many more studies have to follow. In addition, a study of mice was carried out in the year 2015, which showed that schöllkrippen herb could also be used in asthma therapy.

Schöllkrippen Herb must therefore be further explored, that perhaps, if the pharmaceutical industry do not go back, it can eventually be used for the treatment of cancer.

Schöllkrippen Herb Side effects
Schöllkrippen Herb, as described above, may have a toxic effect if ingestion is improper. In particular, the milk juice of the medicinal herb is toxic and it can therefore cause undesired side effects.

This is also shown in a study by the University of Dusseldorf, Germany. It was found there that, it is possible to damage the liver in individuals in the case of the ingestion of schöllkrippen herb. However, these damages are not permanent. After Schöllkrippen Herb was removed, the Symptoms quickly disappeared again.

Therefore, persons who have liver problems should refrain from taking schöllkrippen herb. Also, people with gallstones, occlusion of bile pathways or jaundice should better give up on the herb. Also, it is advisable to have a self-medication of the herb for more than four weeks. In addition, the liver function values should be controlled by the family doctor during this time.

Application of Schöllkrippen Herb
Depending on which symptoms and diseases that should be treated, various schöllkrippen herb preparations can be applied. Well-assorted pharmacies usually keep tinctures, ointments and capsules as well as teas with schöllkrippen herbs ready for the customers.

The Schöllkrippen herb can be applied internally as well as externally. It is Important that you adhere strictly to the dosage instruction on the package in order to minimise or avoid unwanted side effects.

Schöllkrippen Herb Tincture
Tinctures can be applied internally and externally, and in particular, it supports the liver function. The tinctures can be purchased at the pharmacy or produced by yourself. To produce a schöllkrippen herb tincture, you need dried plant parts and a high-percentage alcohol (at least 40, better 70 percent).

If you are not familiar with schöllkrippen herb, you should have a better access to the Schöllkrippen herbal tinctures from the pharmacy. These are subject to established standards and always contain the same amount of active ingredient and these tinctures should be taken 3 x 10 drops per day.

These can be diluted either with water or juice to cover the bitter taste. It is also advisable to take the drops during meals. In the case of warts, for example, the Schöllkrippen herb tincture can be applied directly to the inaccessible skin area.

Homemade tinctures with Schöllkrippen herbs are always to be enjoyed with caution, as they always have different concentrations. This is because, not only the alcohol is used, but also the active ingredient content of the plant parts is decisive. For example, the higher the alcohol content, the more intense the tincture will be.

A precise dosage is therefore very difficult, and since the schöllkrippen herb is toxic, side effects can also occur.

Schöllkrippen herb extract in Capsules
If you want to take schöllkrippen herb in capsule form, however, you must know that the effect always occurs later. This is because the capsules or the wrapping is resistant to gastric acid and is thus released only in the colon of the extract.

For this reason, the capsules should also be taken before the meal, as they can help with stomach pain and, on the other hand, prevent a fullness feeling during sumptuous meals. Again, the dosage, which is on the packaging or the leaflet, must be kept.

Ointment with Schöllkrippen Herb
Schöllkrippen Herb ointments are in pharmacies, like all other preparations with schöllkrippen herb. These are applied externally and help with the treatment of warts. However, it must be noted that the ointments can be slightly corrosive and therefore should not be applied to the skin on a large surface.

Selectively, an ointment, cream or lotion with schöllkrippen herb can also be applied with a cotton swab to treat only the wart and to protect healthy skin.

Buy Schöllkrippen Herb
When buying Schöllkrippen herb, always pay attention to high quality. In particular in pharmacies, which are somewhat more expensive, it can be assumed that the concentration in the products is always the same. Schöllkrippen Herb buying on the Internet should therefore only be done by a trader that’s trustworthy.

When buying schöllkrippen herb, you should always keep in mind that, it can act toxic. The products available in the trade without prescription with schöllkrippen herb are usually not highly dosed. Those who want to buy preparations with high dosage schöllkrippen herb are bound to go to a pharmacy.

This also has the advantage that employees can inform the consumer exactly about the mode of action and the side effects.

Schöllkrippen Herb is a very effective remedy against warts or cramps. However, one should be familiar with the medicinal plant and ignorant of no self-medication. Due to the toxic effect of a too high dosage, caution is therefore always necessary.

Nevertheless, Schöllkrippen herb is recommended and can be taken without hesitation or applied to the skin with proper dosage. Schöllkrippen Herb is to be alleviated even with different types of cancer and also improve the quality of life again.

In addition, it can help with overtired eyes and, according to the affected, it performed true wonders. The herb with the bad reputation is not as bad as all of them, and it is really worthwhile to have this as a tincture in your house.