List of Ceylon Cinnamon Benefits: Weight Loss, Digestion, Blood Sugar, Cancer, Skin, Cough & Others

Cinnamon tree and spice is an underestimated remedy and is not only ideal for cappuccino or cinnamon stars . For a long time, cinnamon has been a very valuable spice that was used for many things in the middle ages and it’s still one of the top 5 most expensive spice per ounce and it is not only good to garnish your dishes, but also helped to alleviate the most varied ailments in the human body.

In ancient Egypt, it was used keep away the bubonic plague symptoms which caused black death in the middle ages. However, even in the case of sudden increase in appetite in early pregnancy or after exercising, when you want to stop feeling hungry at night when fasting or dieting, you can use cinnamon spice and products to suppress your appetite and stop overeating.

Ceylon Cinnamon against Indigestion, Constipation & Bloating
If you want to poop everyday naturally, Ceylon cinnamon can cause loose stools and help with better bowel movement, better digestion which in turn help you in case of constipation. When cinnamon is used with honey, it helps with stomach pains and bloating.

Both Ceylon cinnamon benefits as appetite suppressant and as digestion aid or gastrointestinal ailments have been confirmed in many studies

Ceylon Cinnamon against Athlete’s Foot Disease
Ceylon cinnamon is a small wonder spice as it can be used to cure athlete’s foot fast naturally and this home remedy is for good but you still need to inform your doctor; another natural juice to get rid of athletics’s foot is apple cider vinegar.

Ceylon Cinnamon against Shoe Odor
Sometimes, we have odor coming out from our leather shoes and boots and they become smelly to the point that we try to get shoe odor eliminator or getting baking soda on our feet while wearing the shoe or sprinkling it inside to deodorize it when our friends start complaining.

In addition, Cinnamon is an extraordinary means to use, with a little bit of it sprinkled in your shoes can work wonders and Ceylon Cinnamon can do even more.

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Ceylon Cinnamon Against Blood Sugar and Diabetes
vinegar and cinnamon help in lowering blood sugar but the best type of cinnamon for diabetes in terms of risk is Ceylon and is more expensive but there are more studies and results with the true cinnamon (cassia).

How much you should take to reduce the glucose level in diabetes depends on the product and the instruction side high dosage can cause side effects.

The researchers once assumed that this food would speed up the blood glucose level – but the opposite was the case. This was followed by further studies, which clearly established that cinnamon can regulate blood glucose levels.

In different studies: study 1, study 2, study 3, It has been shown that taking cinnamon could significantly reduce glucose level, help in case of Type 2 diabetes and also reduce cholesterol level, most especially the bad cholesterol and even increase the good cholesterol, making a good balance when a patient is having much low-density lipoprotein in the body.

The best known and also the effect of Ceylon cinnamon is quite clear that the blood sugar can be lowered. Supposedly, researchers wanted to test different foods as they affected the blood glucose level. It should also have been an apple strudel with cinnamon.

In case of prediabetes, you don’t have to wait till the blood glucose level becomes too high before you react quickly, you can start adding natural foods to help controlling sugar into your diet plan and possibly reduce the sugar level with home remedy and without medications at all.

Ceylon Cinnamon for Weight Loss
There are success stories of using Ceylon cinnamon and honey for weight loss as it does not only help with loss of appetite, but can also significantly support fat reduction and thus weight loss.

With a teaspoon of honey in a cup of hot water and 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon powder daily, you’re likely not to experience side effects but rather burn fats in the body naturally.

Those who have problem with their kidney or face while treating acne are those who take too much of it and took so long before washing off from face respectively. This is the reason I always advise to always seek the opinion of medical experts who have your health records.

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Cinnamon has always been considered a warming spice and stimulates the internal body heat naturally. However, this also means that heat production consumes more energy and thus also calories, which causes fat to be reduced.

However, even when taking off generally, cinnamon can help. Since it can be excellently effected on the insulin level, the body or pancreas does not always have to produce insulin and the insulin value remains in equilibrium.

If new insulin is constantly produced, the insulin level is naturally correspondingly high and signals the fat cells that there is enough sugar and energy in the body.

So the fat cells are not mined, which means that insulin inhibits the degradation of fat. When eating cinnamon, however, the blood glucose level is not increased and thus less insulin is produced. The body sees that less energy and sugar is circulating and thus goes to the reduction of fat cells, which of course also contributes to weight loss.

Ceylon Cinnamon as Cosmetics for Skin
Both cassia and Ceylon cinnamon also do good to your face when you mix with honey as cleansing agent. It is used as face mark for acne, scars blackheads, wrinkles and for skin lightening since the two can help removing dead cells from the skin.

However, it’s not always advisable to leave the paste on your skin overnight to avoid face burning.

Ceylon Cinnamon affects the brain
Ceylon cinnamon has been linked with memory strength since it was discovered to have health benefits on brain and iin reversing memory loss.

In a study and book titled “Cinnamon Converts Poor Learning Mice to Good Learners: Implications for Memory Improvement” by Modi KK, et al. J Neuroimmune Pharmacol in 2016, this was further confirmed in mice.

Those who do not like to eat cinnamon do not necessarily have to do so. Because even the smell can be beneficial and positively affect the brain. The pleasant fragrance can not only improve cognitive performance but also stimulate the brain’s performance.

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Your concentration and sense of judge will be enhanced and the performance thus increased. This can be of great benefit, especially in the case of writing examination. For students that want to sharpen their minds, memory power and concentration with food naturally, you can support yourself with cinnamon capsules and powder.

Brain disorder, psychological problem and migraine are also linked to smelling of cinnamon when there’s no cinnamon or its products in your surroundings. You need to talk to your doctor if you experience this any day.

Ceylon cinnamon Against cancer and Alzheimer’s
Since Cinnamon can have an excellent effect on brain performance, it should also be able to support Alzheimer’s. In vitro, it is said to block deposits in the brain and even to support the degradation.
The excellent spice is also intended to show an effect against cancer.

Studies showed that cassia cinnamon affect oestrogen level and could shrink prostate cancer and also kill the cells in cervical cancer. Cinnamon, generally, is having positive effects on lung cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer because it has supplements that are anticancer.

Ceylon Cinnamon in Gastrointestinal Disorders
Especially in gastrointestinal disorders, Ceylon Cinnamon can develop its full efficacy. Due to the mucus that’s contained and the essential oils, the intestine is stimulated.

Eugenol, on the other hand, is against bacteria and viruses in the tract and can kill them so that the healthy intestinal flora can be quickly restored.

Ceylon Cinnamon Benefits on Cough, Arthritis & Inflammation
Ceylon Cinnamon can also be used in coughs and inflammations in the throat and throat, because the mucus may release the cough and the ingredients also have an anti-inflammatory effect. This can be used to combat inflammation in throat and joint (arthritis) and kill germs and viruses.

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