Grapefruit Extract Side Effects & Drug Interractions: Allergy, Diarrhea, Tingling, Stomach Problem


Grape fruit (Scientific name: Citrus paradisi) tastes bitter but healthy and the bitterness can be reduced with sugar. However, just like other foods and drugs, the nutrients and components are likely going to interact with other food or drugs and in some certain health conditions if not taken based on guidelines from ideal medical personnel.


Grapefruit seed extract (GSE) has no specific side effects but allergic reactions may occur. If you’ve been diagnosed and warned against taking grapefruit extracts, then you should abstain from taking its products.


Is grapefruit juice good for you and is it OK to eat grapefruit everyday? This is one of the common questions asked by those who love to take this fruit but there’s not ‘Almighty’ answer to this question.


There’s always side effect of taking too much of any fruit at a time and grapefruit (GF) is not an exception. Drinking too much of grapefruit juice may cause stomach ache, diarrhea and in most people, it could result into lips burning as the lips become numb and tingle after eating much grapefruits in some cases.

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Some common symptoms of allergic reactions to GSE and side effects are tingling in the mouth, lips, throat or stomach, swelling of the body, especially in the face and hands, nausea, vomiting, difficulty in breathing, rash and others.


If you’re on other medications, you should visit your doctor and ask if you could take grape fruit extracts without resulting to problem during this time since some drugs interact with grape fruits.


Medications like







Scopolamine should not be taken with grape fruit without doctor’s consent and in some cases, milk has reacted in some people when taken after taking Citrus paradisi, also known as pomelo in ages past.


Grapefruit extracts have been discovered to have significant amount of benzethonium chloride, an antiseptic substance which has proven to react with anticoagulants (Coumadin-warfarin for example) and can increase the risk of bleeding in man. Grapefruit also has side effects with medications prepared for blood thinners and blood pressure and to avoid unhealthy interactions with these drugs, you’re always advise not to take GSE.

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Coumadin warfarin is on the list of foods that interfere with warfarin, so, you can not eat grapefruit while taking since it reduces the warfarin metabolism rate in the body and can cause harmful effects in the body.


Grape seed extracts contain ingredients that can disrupt the activities of enzymes in the body. When this happens, it slows the metabolism rate and can spike high concentration of substances that needed to be digested in the body quickly. This is the fact behind the interference with drugs.


Another important thing to take note is that, grape seed extracts are produced industrially and contain additives which also speak of its side effects status. Organically, grape seed extracts contain chemicals and preservatives like Triclosan and Methylparaben which are both hormone disruptor and could increase the level of toxins in the body.


Grapefruit seed extracts could also react to the sensitive part of your body (skin) and cause irritation. Not only can it burn the lips, it can also harm the eyes if it’s in contact. GSE should not be in contact to your nose and ears as well.

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If you’re not in special population, not allergic to GF and not on any medication, taking one or two fruit per day is good, especially in the morning and at night, to lose weight or for other health benefits. However, taking more than 3 may be considered too much because it’s highly rich in vitamin C, contains enzymes that burn fats, lower blood cholesterol and blood glucose. You can loose much weight if taking much and much vitamin C could cause headache.


Also, you’re advised to inform your doctor before taking grapefruit extracts if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. It’s a good health practice to ask your doctors about food you can take once you’re pregnant or breastfeeding and always call the attention of your doctor if you need to take drugs, intact, you should always abstain from self medications.


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