Tea tree essential Oil is one of the healthy oils which has much health benefits, healing effects on man and animals with less or without risk factors and side effects in the long run.

Tea tree Oil helps Fighting Bacteria
The aroma-therapeutic benefits of Tea tree oil are much and it had been scientifically proven that this oil as a high proportion of terpenes, which is one of the active ingredients that’s responsible for the antibacterial and antifungal effect, its effectiveness against Escherichia coli, inhibit and suppress streptococcus pyogenes disease and the growth of MRSA naturally.

Tea Tree Oil against MRSA

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) are bacterial strains which are now resistant to a variety of antibiotics and can spread so further. This makes them difficult to treat and can cause skin or muscle infections.

However, tree tea essential oil can eradicate the MRSA colonization, cure staphylococcus boil infection by inhibiting the growth naturally, making it the home treatment choice for those suffering from this problem.

Tea Tree Oil Help in Fighting Escherichia Coli

Escherichia coli on the other hand is a bacteria that is important for a natural intestinal flora. If the immune system is weakened, however, it can cause the bacteria to spread too much and too quickly, get out of the normal range of e coli in urine culture; in some cases, greater than 100,000 and thus trigger a urinary infection.

E.coli infection symptoms like abdominal cramping, nausea, bloody stools, among others can be corrected with tea tree essential oil. The capsules are effective in many occasions when they’re used.

Tea Tree Oil against Streptococcus

Especially in children, Streptococcuss pyogenes scarlet fever, tonsillitis or even lichen, which can also be treated effectively with tea tree oil. If you’re exposed and you start feeling that sore throat is coming, especially if your family member or roommate is having it already and you want to avoid it or is already at the early stage, you can easily prevent it or soothe it naturally with tea tree home remedy without supporting medicine.

Tea Tree Oil for Treating Strep Throat

Even though tea tree oil is a good home remedy for getting rid of strep throat, it’s advisable to contact you doctor on the amount in case of the possibility of inhalation danger and allergy but it’s good to know that you can cure the symptoms of this contagious disease in both children and adults with the oil treatment and you can support with antibiotics for faster recovery from strep throat.

Tea Tree Oil for Skin Treatment

However, even in the case of acne, bacteria are in play which can be reduced by tea tree oil. In a study, it could be demonstrated that in the case of a tea tree oil application of three months, the acne scars on the skin became reduced and the dark spots disappeared.

Benzene peroxide worked faster, but has many side effects unlike tea tree oil. For products with benzene peroxide often dry, burning and itchy skin and redness occur. In the case of tea tree oil, these side effects are much lower and do not harm the skin much as the pharmaceutical products.

Tea Tree Oil is an alternative Antibiotic

Tea tree Oil has helped many people with its excellent active ingredients and health benefits. At the beginning of the 20th century, the first studies of tea tree oil were carried out, which had to prove efficacy on fungi, bacteria and inflammation and now, there are more than 400 studies on the uses and benefits of tree tea oil.

In the Second World War, the Army used Tea tree oil as an anti-inflammatory agent. However, this was quickly forgotten and the antibiotic only become more important after the war. Thus, tea tree oil was more and more sidelined, until it was rediscovered a few years ago.

In particular, through ecological awareness, more and more people are resorting to alternative remedies in fighting diseases due to increased side effects drugs are having on man in the long run. Thanks to the antimicrobial effect of tea tree oil, it can kill bacteria and thus relieve and cure diseases.

However, it must be diluted in the correct dosage. If it is diluted too much, it can even lead to resistance to antibiotics. Therefore, Tea tree oil should be used very carefully to avoid side effects and it can become very effective as natural antibiotics and antibacterial treatment if used well.

Tea tree oil against viruses
Tea tree oil can also be very helpful against viruses. Especially in the case of herpes infections on the lips, it can really work for oral HPV and the healing oil can provide relief. But even with shingles, tea tree oil is a good way to make the infection cure faster, most especially when used together with coconut oil. Lavender oil also, can be used with tree tea oil.

In addition, the itching gives way to a great relief. Even in genital herpes or with genital warts, tea tree oil has been tested well and can be used. However, these diseases are transferable through sexual inter-course and should therefore be better treated with conventional medications to prevent infection.

Tea tree Oil in Colds
Tea tree oil works well for some respiratory infections and it is available in almost every pharmaceutical store. It is often used on feet for cold, cough and flu, and against sore throat or hoarseness. It is one of the most useful essential oils for stuffy nose as a result of congestion, cough, fever and viruses.

Tea tree essential oil is given much regards due to the fact that, it is used for colds and again the patients are relieved. The connections between Cineol and Pinen are mainly responsible for the disinfecting effect as well as the killing of the bacteria. For this reason it also helps with colds very well and can relieve the symptoms of a cold.

Tea Tree Essential Oil For Congestion

If you or your small baby is having runny nose or common head cold and you want to get rid of it fast naturally with just home remedies, without medicines, tea tree can work wonder for you and your 2 year old+ babies. Congestion usually make breathing to be difficult and once the baby starts sneezing too much, even if it’s an adult, it usually result to fever later.

Having said that it can be used very well in sinus polyps infections as well as inflammation of the ears, it also strengthens your immune system and help in recovery. Swimmers for example like to use the oil and also coconut oil or apple cider vinegar for itching symptom, ear wax and infections.

Tea tree oil Fights against Parasites
The Healing Tea tree oil can do a lot more. It can be used to fight protozoans. Coconut oil, oregano essential oils are also recognized in this regards to kill parasite eggs in human and for to cleanse the skin. Natural tea tree oil can protect humans and animals from parasites because, Fleas, ticks, mites or lice do not like the smell of the oil that is pleasing to us and thus stay away.

In particular in the case of lice, Tea tree oil can work wonders. Especially in kindergartens and schools they are often found, and considering that a louse can lay up to 300 eggs, one does not usually come out with a hair wash. The sharp means, which often burn hellishly on the head of the children and thus also flow many tears, do not have to be. Tea tree oil keeps lice as well as other parasites.

What is of course good for humans and animals is not likely to have negative effect on plants, therefore when someone adds a few drops of tea tree oil into water to spray crop plants, it keep aphids away from the plants.

Beware of cats: cats should not be treated with tea tree oil, since the essential oils are pure venom for the cat. There’s possibility that they’re going to lick it from their fur and this is poisonous to them, however, dogs have not been reacting to this after they licked tea tree oil when used to rub their fur.

Cats lack an enzyme that ensures that terpenes and phenols are slowly ejected from the body and cannot be metabolized. If the essential oils are used repeatedly, the substances in the body are enriched and it become poisoning.