Natural Bentonite Clay (Sodium, Calcium) Uses & Healing

Clay (Calcium & Sodium) is very great in healing in that, it relieves a variety of disease symptoms or unpleasant symptoms (for example, flatulence).

Therefore the Bentonite clay can be used internally for many health complaints. Generally, you need this healing clay which is specifically intended for the internal use.


A clue can be found usually on the packaging of a clay product. This fine Aztec’s Indian healing clay can absorb toxins, cholesterol and fat in the intestine, bind, and then expel it naturally from the body.

This is for example used in the context of a spring spa, a simple but effective method.


Bentonite Clay for Diarrhea Healing

For diarrhea, drinking the indian healing clay water fluid binds the toxins in the intestine in addition and bring them to elimination. But more often, in this case, you must apply the healing Earth.

With strong and/or more protracted diarrhea, maybe with admixture of blood, your doctor should carefully look into the issue.


Bentonite Earth Clay for Constipation Healing

But even with constipation, this Aztec’s healing clay can bring relief. The effect is that,  the very small particles of the healing clay seem like a kind of massage in the intestine. It is

however important to use it with enough fluid and a single dose should not be more than a half teaspoon.


Healing Soil for Immune System

A colon cleansing is supported by taking indian clay as this has positive effect on the intestines. The largest part of the human immune system is located here.

This means that a “healthy bowel” means also a healthy immune system. As already mentioned, the Bentonite Montmorillonite clay powder contains a lot of minerals. These contribute to neutralizing excess stomach acid.


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Digestive problems, bloat, heartburn, mild stomach pain, irritable stomach and irritable bowel syndrome can all be subdued by taking this bentonite powder. Still, a Bentonite healing clay body wrap is also recommended.

Complaints, which are however worse or take more than a few days can be handled by health specialist, so, just consult your doctor.


Clay water helps in weight loss as well, since they can bind dietary fats in the gut. The healthy clay powder has a high proportion of silica which benefit connective tissue, hair, and nails.


In addition, Montmorillonite Clay can be used to gargle. This helps problems such as sore throat and bad breath as well as mouthwash gum or mucosal inflammation. For this purpose, concentrated Montmorillonite clay is used.



The external use of Indian healing clay in the form of envelopes and compresses differs in hot or cold. Warm pads increase blood circulation, relax the muscles and relieve the pain. Cold applications are Vasoconstrictive (pulling vascular together), and has analgesic effect and on the metabolic damping.


Whether cold or warm, the usage of Bentonite clay comes with health benefits but not always  for any kind of complaints. People usually yearn for a certain temperature, so you should be sure which one is appropriate.


Clay, which is also medically approved will always be applied. The Indian clay powder is mixed with cold or warm water to form a thick paste and applied directly to the affected area and covered with a cloth.


Another possibility is the brushing of a damp cotton cloth with the porridge, which is then placed, covered with a dry cloth on the skin and may be wrapped with a cloth.

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Also, the pulp can be applied on the skin as a very thin pad with a brush. For example, in the face. For all earth clay healing applications, you’re advised to talk to your doctor before making decision and with worsening of symptoms, consult your doctor immediately.


For Inflammation in the area of musculoskeletal system, for example, carpal tunnel syndrome, Rheumatism , bruises , or osteoarthritis, a cold clay pad is recommended. Abscesses or purulent inflammation of the skin, an attempt with a cold cover is recommended.


This should remain for about half-an-hour on the painful area and the application can be performed several times a day. It’s important to pay attention to your feeling. If the envelope is unpleasant, it should be removed.


Warm compresses are preferred to be used on lumbago, muscle tension, stiffness, chronic inflammation and pain in the spine. Further areas of application for external use of the healing Earth clay are insect bites, allergic skin irritation, eczema and psoriasis.


Wrap with earth clay increase blood circulation and stimulate the metabolism in tissues, which can have a positive impact on the treatment of cellulite.

The brown powder is dry. For example, for DAB angular Cheilitis (torn corners of the mouth). Also for smaller Open Wounds, it is used if the injury with a gauze bandage is covered.


Bentonie Clay for Pimples and Cosmetics

The external application of earth clay has its place, for example, for oily, blemished skin and also in cosmetics. A mash is mixed with cold water and applied to the face but eyes and lips are omitted.


This bentonite facial mask is completely dry and it’s washed with lukewarm water. The skin is supplied with blood and thus stimulated the metabolism, given the impulse to heal itself.

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The evening is the best time of day for this. The application can still reverberate over night.


Any redness disappear in the next morning. An unpleasant feeling of tension occurs after the application, the face is supplied with a high qualityJojoba Oil or Evening Primrose Oil .

Single larger pimples are spotted with some clay pulp and repeated several times daily.


Clay is also often used for a scrub. A thin paste is applied, the powder dries and is then rubbed off with a damp washcloth. Hair and scalp will also benefit from an application of the healing substance. This can help greasy hair and dandruff.


The scalp and hair are massaged very well. Depending on the Oiliness, the whole thing can interact with up to twenty minutes, most wrapped in a towel. This is then rinsed with lukewarm water. A shampoo is not necessary.


Also, the hair washing with healing Earth water is possible. The natural loam binds excess Sebaceous secretions, opens the ducts of the glands and thus counteracts the formation of dandruff. This returns the shine in your hair.


For people who want to take Healing earth not in the powder form, its capsules are available and this is a good alternative for you to use on the go. Clay granules, especially with functional gastro intestinal disorders, is another variation.


This is swallowed whole with plenty of fluids in the form of tea or water. For the cosmetic treatment, facial masks, it consists of clay and various oils, such as soy oil or almond Oil .

A finished clay paste is available also for external use which is not of mixed.

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